Printing & Photocopying

Network printers / photocopiers are available on every floor of the Library up to A3 size. They are usually placed right next to the PC workstation clusters. Users can print from any Library PC workstation to a network printer nearby. The network printers also support Notebook Printing to allow printing from users' own notebook PCs as well as Mobile Printing for printing from users' mobile devices.

Floor Location Name Colour / B&W / Copier Receipt printing
  5/F South Wing L501B Colour, B&W  
L501C Colour, B&W  
North Wing L505B Colour, B&W  
R51 B&W, Copier  
  4/F South Wing L401B Colour, B&W Yes
L401C Colour, B&W  

North Wing
L404B Colour, B&W Yes
L404C Colour, B&W Yes

South Wing

L301E Colour, B&W  
L301F B&W  
L031G Colour, B&W  
Multimedia Commons (MC)

North Wing
L303R Colour, B&W (for macOS only)  
L303X Colour, B&W  
L303Q B&W  
R31 B&W, Copier  
R32 B&W, Copier  

Reading Area

South Wing

L203A B&W  
L203B B&W  
L203C Colour, B&W  
R21 B&W, Copier  

24-Hour Study Centre

North Wing

L115A Colour, B&W  
L115B Colour, B&W  
L115C Colour, B&W Yes
L115D Colour, B&W  

Group Study Zone 1

North Wing

L019A Colour, B&W  
L019B B&W  
L019C Colour, B&W  
R01 B&W, Copier  


  A4 A3
B&W $0.2 per page $0.4 per page
Colour $1.5 per page $3 per page
Note: to avoid unintentional charge to your Octopus card, if printer RED light is ON, please cancel the print job and DO NOT insert your Octopus card to the printer.

User Guides

Printing in the Library (Quick Guide)

Ricoh printing operation guide (B&W / Colour)

macOS only operation guide (B&W / Colour)

B&W Photocopying

How to


For assistance in using the printers, please contact Technical Support Desk (4/F) or call 2766-6909.  For printing in A2 size or bigger, please refer to Large Format Printing and Scanning or request at the Technical Support Desk in 4/F i-Space.


Copyright Warning to Photocopier Users

Users are reminded to observe the Copyright Warning to Photocopier Users and relevant legal restrictions when photocopying copyrighted materials. They can also refer to the Copyright Ordinance (Cap 528) in the government website at For enquiries and assistance on copying, printing and scanning matters, please approach Technical Support Desk on 4/F or contact 2766-6909 /