Wi-Fi Services

Wi-Fi Service is available for free throughout the Library. Users can make use of the following networks or services to access the Internet in the Library with their portable devices.

Note: Effective 21 Mar 2022, eligible PolyU students and staff who access Library e-Resources via PolyU Wireless Network (PolyUWLAN) have to first authenticate themselves with NetID and NetPassword.

  • PolyU Wireless Network (PolyUWLAN)

    PolyU staff and students can access Internet through this PolyU wireless network with their NetID login.  For configuring notebooks for accessing this Network, please refer to the How to Connect to Wi-Fi (ITS) webpage.

  • Eduroam

    This is a world-wide joint-university Wi-Fi service for staff and students of member institutions around the world.

  • Wi-Fi.HK

    This is a free Wi-Fi service for all visitors and the general public. Users are provided 120 minutes of free Wi-Fi service after accepting the terms and conditions. On expiry of the current session, users can continue to the next session for another 120 minutes of service after accepting the terms and requirements. For more details on using this Wi-Fi service, please refer to Webpage on WiFi.HK

  • Wi-Fi Services offered by commercial providers (incl. Y5Zone and PCCW)

    Free Wi-Fi Internet connectivity is now available to University staff and students at numerous PCCW and Y5ZONE hotspots around town. Reciprocally, non-PolyU Library users who are current PCCW or Y5ZONE subscribers may now connect to the Internet through those networks in the Library. Non-subscribers may purchase a day pass online for temporary use. Details of access are available on the wireless LAN login page when connecting your notebook in the Library.