Book Collection

(Ground, Podium, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Floors)

The Book Collection includes books in English, Chinese, or other non-western languages, conference proceedings, technical papers, and circulating dissertations. The Book Collection occupies six floors. Books are classified by the Library of Congress (LC) Classification scheme and they are arranged on the shelves in the following classified order:

Class Nos.* Location
A - G 5/F South Wing
H - HE 5/F North Wing
HF - K 4/F South Wing
L - M G/F South Wing
N1-N6999 6/F North Wing 
N7000-NB G/F South Wing
NC 4/F North Wing (i-Space)
ND - PG G/F South Wing
PH-PZ 3/F South Wing. Relocation in progress
Q - S G/F South Wing
T - Z Temporarily unavailable
A - Z (low used books) Remote Store 2 (Available on request)

Remark: Large books which cannot be accommodated on the normal shelves are kept at the end of the collection in each Wing (except Large Books N1-N6999 which are kept at G/F South Wing). The word [QRT] beside the call number indicates large book. E.g. [QRT] GA830.S55 H67 2011 is shelved after books with class nos. A-G on 5th Floor South Wing.

PolyU Reads: This collection contains popular books, best sellers and award winning books for reading enjoyment. The PolyU Reads are located at the Current Awareness Centre on Podium floor and they are on regular loan period.