Printing in Library

Print using Library PCs

Step 1: Access to your file using Public PC with your NetID.

Step 2: Send the file to selected printers by clicking “Print”. Select the correct print queue.

*Please select the correct print queue for Black&White or Color print, otherwise wrong calculation of fee may occur

Step 3: You will be required to enter the print job ID and PIN. Please avoid input common ID & password like 1234 or 0000, otherwise you may risk exposing your document to other users.


Step 4: Go to the designated printer, insert an Octopus card and hit the "Print" button on the printer.

Step 5: Input the job ID and PIN same as step 3, choose the job. You may choose to print the job directly by hitting "Print" or switch between B&W or Colour at "Detailed Setting"


Step 6: After finish your printout. Remember to get back your Octopus card

You may also refer to the official documentation from Ricoh [PDF] here.

For more information about printing, please approach Technical Support Desk on 4/F for assistance.