Printing, Scanning & Copying

The Library provides not only basic self-help copying services but also different printing services to cater to users' needs. Octopus cards are accepted in all copiers and printers. 


Staff at Technical Support Desk in 4/F i-Space are able to provide prompt assistance to users in printing and copying matters.  Users are reminded to observe the Copyright Warning indicated below when making copies.  

Price List

The Library strives to provide the copying and printing services at competitive prices. Below are the current unit prices.

Services Unit Price
B/W Photocopying (Size A4 - A3) $0.2 (A4) / $0.4 (A3) per page
Color Photocopying (Size A4 - A3) $1.5 (A4) / $3 (A3) per page
B&W Printing $0.2 (A4) / $0.4 (A3) per page
Color Printing (Size A4 - A3) $1.5 (A4) / $3 (A3) per page
B&W Large Format Printing(Size A2 - A0) $4 (A2) / $8 (A1) / $16 (A0)
Colour Large Format Printing(Size A2 - A0)
  - Matte Coated Paper
  - Semi-Gloss Photo Paper
$18 (A2) / $35 (A1) / $70 (A0)
$30 (A2) / $60 (A1) / $120 (A0)
Colour Scanning
(Up to size A3 with hi-speed scanners)
(Up to size A4 with flatbed scanners)
Free of charge
Colour Scanning in large format
(Up to size A0 with large plotter)
Thermal Binding (From 1.5mm to 54mm, up to 540 pages) $6 to $24 each
Laminating Services (Size from ID card to A3) $1.5 to $6 each