Computers, Laptops & Tablets

The Library provides over 350 multi-purpose public workstations in the Library. All PCs are installed with Microsoft Office applications while some are equipped with special software such as Adobe CS and SPSS. Laptops and tablets are also available for short-term loan and remain in use inside the Library.

Public Computers

All Public workstations are installed with common software such as MS Office, they are available on various floors. To protect users' privacy in using Library's Public computers, all users data will be erased after reboot.

Multi-purpose PC workstation

Multi-purpose PC workstations are installed with Microsoft Office and various application software. You can find the list of application software for Multi-purpose PCs.

Graphic Workstation

Graphic PC workstations, iMac computers and MacBook Pro (temporarily relocated to Seminar Room, 3/F South Wing) in 3/F Multimedia Commons(MC) are installed with Adobe graphic software to support users who require graphic and multimedia production.
List of application software: iMac/Macbook on 3/F 

Workstation at i-Space

3D Object, Data Analytic and Visualization workstation in 4/F i-Space are equipped with software such as Unity, 3DMax, SPSS, Nvivo, Weka, etc to support users to implement their idea or visualize the data in their projects.
List of application software: 4/F i-Space.

Database Workstations

Dedicated Database Workstations are available at i-Space, MC and P/F to access research databases and tools.


Users are required to log in with either PolyU NetID, CPCE account or Library patron account as below.

  Login Username Login Password
PolyU Students & Staff,
CPCE Staff,
Alumni and
Library Card Holders
NetID NetPassword
CPCE Students (HKCC/SPEED) ""

CPCE account password
CPCE Visitors ""

CPCE account password

** Alumni and Library Card holders please refer to NetID and NetPassword page for registration or activation instruction.

Note Guest PCs in the form of stand-up workstations are available for quick information search and account activation on Podium Floor and 4/F i-Space.

Idle time

All PCs will be locked automatically after 15 minutes idle period.

Computers in rooms

When the library meeting/conference rooms are not in-used, the computers inside the room will be released and available for public use. The real-time room schedule can be used to assess the availability of computers in it.

Booking and online reservation

PolyU/CPCE students and staff can book the computers located at Multimedia Commons (3/F North Wing) and i-Space (4/F North Wing) one day in advance in iBooking system.


You may want to find software installed in Library Public Workstation for a search of special software. Alternatively, all public PCs support ITS Virtual Student Computer Centre (vSCC) software, it provides access to a variety of the OS and software. You may access it in via PolyU vSCC portal.

Laptops & Tablets

To support users' collaborative and individual study in the Library, a number of notebook PCs, MacBooks and tablets are available at Notebook and Tablet Self-Service Kiosk at 4/F i-Space. It is available for short term loan to current PolyU students, faculty and staff (for library-use only during Library open hours). For details, please visit the Notebook Computers / Tablets Loan page.


Please contact Technical Support Desk at 4/F i-Space or call us at 2766-6909