Request a Workshop

1. Requests from Faculty members

The Library can arrange custom workshops for classes with course-specific research needs. We also support individual PolyU departments by conducting tailor-made workshops on increasing research visibility, managing author profiles, etc. To make a request, please fill in the workshop request form and allow at least 2 weeks for your Faculty Librarian to prepare tailored content. 

2. Requests from PolyU students

Library offers workshops on different topics each semester to staff and students of PolyU so as to sharpen their research skills in locating, evaluating, managing and reusing information. The Library’s topical workshops cover various topics under the following four themes:

Theme 1: Essential skills for academic success

Theme 2: Staying focused: tapping on specialized information tools

Theme 3: Reference management tools

Theme 4: Research analysis: Tools to support authors and scholarly publishing

Apart from topical workshops, we can arrange a tailored session on specific topics upon request.  Please submit a request via the Request a Library Workshop Online Form at least 2 weeks in advance. Your Faculty Librarian will contact you to discuss workshop content coverage and other arrangements once the request is received.

Some possible topics that can be covered in tailor-made workshops include:

  • Defining the information need, types of information sources and their use
  • Subject and discipline-specific resources
  • Accessing and evaluating information within a discipline
  • Managing the research process and search strategies development
  • Use of reference management tools

Please note that depending on the topics covered, research areas and class size, your Faculty Librarian may offer a Research Consultation Service instead of a Library Workshop.