PolyU CPCE Students (SPEED/HKCC Award)

Loan Period, Quota and Fines

Material Type Loan Period Loan Quota Hold Maximum
Books 28 days 30 10 (PolyU books and AV items of 7-day loan only) 84 days * $2/day
AV Items # Hourly loan AV items including Reserve AV items (3 hours) 5 N/A $2/hour
Popular Movies & drama series (3 days) N/A $5/day
Other AV items (7 days) 21 days *
Reserve Books 24 hours / 7 days 4 N/A N/A Hourly loans: $2/hour;
7-day loans: $2/day
Interlibrary Loan (Books from local UGC-funded university libraries via HKALL+) 15 days 15 (quota includes loans and requests for books at any one time) 45 days * $2/day

+ Only current PolyU staff and students on all programmes leading to PolyU Awarded Degrees are eligible to HKALL service.

# Some AV items have been restricted for in-house use only due to very high user demand, copyright restrictions, technical limitations or at the request of teaching staff.

* Items may be renewed any number of times from the date of the initial check-out until the due date reaches the limit of the “maximum renewal” period, if the item is not recalled or requested by another user. Late returns / renewals are liable to fines.

HKALL & Interlibrary Loan

Use Beyond PolyU (HKALL + Interlibrary Loan) to search for books that are not available at PolyU Library. If a title is available for borrowing from another local UGC-funded university library, simply request the book online and have it delivered to PolyU Library for pick-up. To know more about the Interlibrary Loan service, please check the guide.

Library Notices

Due date reminder, overdue, recall, reservation pick-up, and other Library notices will be emailed to your SPEED/CPCE email account provided.

Access to e-Resources

e-Resources including e-books, e-journals, abstract and full-text databases, and a variety of multimedia materials are available. CPCE students can only access most e-Resources via the computers in the PolyU Library.

Group Study Spaces

Group Study Spaces support discussion and collaboration within designated areas in the Library:

  • Collaborative spaces in 6/F South Wing, 4/F North Wing (i-Space), 1/F North Wing (inside 24-Hour Study Centre) are open areas designed for working together in groups. Lower your noise when discussing.
  • Group Rooms and Group Viewing Rooms (6/F South Wing, 3/F North Wing, 1/F South Wing, G/F North Wing) are equipped with whiteboards & LED monitors to help students plan and prepare for presentations.

Quiet Study Spaces

Quiet, individual study spaces are available on all floors. Please refrain from talking and ensure that your digital devices don’t disturb others.

i-Space (3/F North Wing and 4/F North Wing)

i-Space is an experimental learning space zoned for inspiration, ideation and implementation. With i-Space facilities, Digital Visualisation Room, Makerspace and Studios, you can build prototypes and develop a spirit of innovation.

24 Hour Study Centre (1/F North Wing)

24-Hour Study Centre provides group study and quiet study spaces in separate areas. During the overnight access period, the Centre is only accessible via the 1/F entrance opposite the Campus Control Centre (P111).

Notice that participants of different programmes/courses in the CPCE are granted with different entitlements of access to facilities and services. They should refer to the respective CPCE programme/course information for entitlements to access the 24-Hour Study Centre after Library closes.


LibCafé@PolyU is an ideal spot to take a break and refresh your mind while inside the Library. It provides a lively and stimulating atmosphere for social interaction and ideas exchange.


Eligible to use Walk-in & Guest Public PCs at all floors, they are installed with popular software applications. You may also access to special software via Bookable PC on 3/F & 4/F North Wing, it is available for booking using the online iBooking system.

Printing, Scanning & Copying

Find black-and-white printers and photocopiers on every floor of the Library; some of the machines support colour printing and scanning. Access to 3D Printers, thermal binder and lamination services is also available at the Technical Support Desk. Payment by Octopus card is accepted.

Wi-Fi Services

Look for the eduroam wifi network from the list of networks detected on your notebook or mobile device. Refer to the PolyU CPCE ITU website if you need help getting connected.

Battery Recharging

If your mobile device is low on battery, drop by the Battery Recharging Stations on 1/F, P/F, 4/F, 5/F and 6/F for a quick charge.

Guides & Tutorials

The starting place for research and study. Get tips and links to Library tools and resources to begin your research in any subject.

InfoLit for U (MOOC)

Enroll in this massive open online course (MOOC) to equip yourself with the skills to face the challenges of 21st century information use. Co-developed by the 8 UGC-funded university libraries and led by PolyU Library, the course presents specific information scenarios to engage students from different disciplines. Through videos, exercises, and built-in toolkits, this course will help you develop your information skills and to make the most of your learning in University and beyond.

Library Workshops & Tours

Learn how to make strategic and effective use of information resources by attending face-to-face workshops. Don’t forget to join a Library Tour to discover our new facilities and services, so that you can make the best use of them!

Have questions about using the Library’s resources and services? The Library can help you in the following ways:

Service Counter (P/F)

Get instant assistance from our colleagues in person or call us at 2766-6864.

Enquiry Service

Call or Whatsapp us at 2766-6863. Also send questions through the online form.

For current year graduands, their library privileges will terminate upon confirmation with graduation status by corresponding registries, or upon the expiry of their student identity cards, whichever is earlier.