Newspapers (Current Issues)

Current issues of the following newspapers are available at P/F Current Awareness Centre:

AP2 .C44 經濟日報= H.K. economic times
AP4 .T55 The Times
AP8 .C47 China daily
AP8 .I57 The New York times (international edition) 
AP8 .S68 South China morning post
AP95.C4 C436 成報 = Sing pao daily news
AP95.C4 H742 香港商報
AP95.C4 H831 星島日報
AP95.C4 J56 經濟日報= Economic daily
AP95.C4 M551 明報
AP95.C4 T341 大公報
AP95.C4 T86 東方日報
AP95.C4 W451 文匯報
AP95.J2 A724 日本經濟新聞
HC497.H6 H851 信報財經新聞
HG11 .F553 Financial times