Featured Collections

Cheng Kok-kong's Lyric Manuscript

Cheng Kok-kong’s Lyric Manuscript collection contains the digital contents of handwritten lyric manuscripts written by Cheng Kok-kong between 1974 and 2016. Cheng Kok-kong, Hong Kong's celebrated lyricist, was Artist-in-Residence 2017/18 of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Rare Books on China and East Asia

Rare Books on China and East Asia collection contains the rare books on China and East Asia from the Library's special collections which were mainly published in western countries between 1704 and 1922. It gives users a glimpse of the Chinese and East Asian cultures and histories in western eyes between 18th and early 20th century

Exam Papers

The PolyU Examination Paper Database collects examination papers received from academic departments of the University from 1995/1996 onwards.

Thematic Collections