Group Rooms and Group Viewing Rooms

Group Rooms

Group rooms equipped with LED monitor are available on various floors to support group discussion and presentation. Reservation can be made via the iBooking System.

Location Room Number Capacity
G/F North Wing L019h 3 – 4 persons
G/F North Wing L019a, L019b, L019c, L019d, L019e, L019f, L019g, L019i, L019j, L019k, L019m, L019n, L019p, L019q 3 – 6 persons
1/F South Wing L113b, L113c 3 – 6 persons
1/F South Wing L113f 3 – 8 persons
6/F South Wing L601a, L601b 3 – 4 persons
6/F South Wing L601c, L601d 3 – 6 persons

Group Viewing Rooms (*)

Group viewing rooms equipped with various AV equipment are available to support viewing of the library Audio Visual Collection and discussion or presentation preparation. Reservation can be made via the iBooking System.

Location Room Number Capacity
3/F North Wing L303j, L303k 3 – 6 persons
(*) Equipped with the following AV equipment
  • Blu-ray Player
  • DVD/VCD Player
  • Video Cassette Player
  • LaserDisc Player

Who can book?  PolyU/CPCE students and staff, except CPCE undergraduate students enrolled on programmes leading to non-PolyU awards and PolyU/CPCE students on programmes which do not lead to any formal award.

How to book?  Login in with your NetID and NetPassword in iBooking System and select your preferred room and session.

How far in advance can I make a booking?  One day in advance, starting from 8:30am on the day before.

Quota:  1 advance booking per day.  Users can continue to book the current session, if available, even after exceeding quota.  (Note: Users can only book one facility for the same time session.)

How to check in?  The user who booked the room is required to swipe his/her card first and followed by the two other eligible users.  The check-in will fail if not all three eligible users swipe their cards or the cards are not swiped in the correct order mentioned above.

Timeout:  The booking will be cancelled and released to other users if users do not check in the room within the 10 minutes after the booking session starts.

Renewal:  To renew your booking or continue to use the room after the current session, users can reserve the current room, if available, within 20 minutes before the current session expires. There is no need to swipe the card to check in again once the reservation for the next session is accepted.

How to check out?  Users are encouraged to check out the room after use by clicking the Check-out button on MyRecord page (iBooking System > MyRecord).

Duration of Sessions:


Use Guidelines:

  • Users should use their own account to make bookings. Using others’ accounts or lending your account to others to make bookings is strictly prohibited. Offenders are subject to disciplinary action.
  • The rooms are expected to be used by the users who have registered for the loan. The loans of the rooms are not transferable.
  • The same user cannot book the same room again for the same booking session after they check out, they cancel their booking or their booking expires.
  • No food and drinks are allowed in the rooms.
  • No furniture or equipment should be removed from the rooms.
  • Users must clear their personal belongings and leave the rooms clean and tidy at the end of the loan period.
  • After the reserved session is over, any unattended belongings will be removed so that the room can be ready for other users. The Library will not be responsible for any loss or damage.
  • Users should not remove, modify or temper any set-up or any parts of the hardware and software facilities in the rooms.
  • Users should also observe other Library Regulations. Any violations may result in termination of room privileges.
  • The Library cannot guarantee the security of your personal belongings, and will not be responsible for items lost or stolen from the rooms.
  • The Library reserves the right to allocate any available rooms to users, or remove rooms from service as needed (for maintenance purposes, projects, etc.)