Researcher Profiles

Why set up a Researcher Profile?

As an author, you want to maximize your research impact and be sure that you get credit for all your research output. Setting up a Researcher Profile enables you to:

  • increase the visibility and accessibility of your research output
  • ensure work is correctly attributed to you (e.g. ORCID aims to solve the name ambuiguity problem of authors)
  • use the same profile in long-term even you change your name or institutions
  • show citation metrics which indicate the reach of your work (ciatation metrics can be shown in ResearcherID, Scopus Author ID and Google Scholar but not ORCID)

The three main profiling tools are:


The three profiling tools are not self-contained. You are advised to register for an ORCID, then associate it with your ResearcherID, Scopus profile and Google Scholar profile, etc. Click the above hyperlink to read details of each tool.