The Library Classification Scheme

The Library uses the Library of Congress Classification scheme to arrange its materials. The following gives an outline of the main subject divisions of the Library of Congress Classification.

Class Subject
A     General Works includes :
  AE   Encyclopedias
  AS   Academies and Learned Societies
  AY   Yearbooks, Almanacs, Directories
B     Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
C     Auxiliary Sciences of History :
      Archaeology, Archives, Numismatics, Biography
D     History (other than American)
  DS   History of Asia
    701-799 China
    796.H7 Hong Kong
E-F     American History (F includes Canada, Mexico, South America)
G     Geography (General), Atlases, Maps
    155 Tourism
  GA   Mathematical Geography, Cartography
  GB   Physical Geography
  GC   Oceanography
  GF   Human Ecology
  GN   Anthropology
  GR   Folklore
  GT   Manners and Customs (General)
  GV   Recreation, Leisure
H     Social Sciences
  HA   Statistics
  HB   Economic Theory
  HC   Economic History and Conditions by Country
    426-430 China
    470.3 Hong Kong
  HD   Industries, Land Use, Labor
    28-70 Management
  HE   Transportation and Communication
  HF   Commerce: Business
    5410-5418 Marketing
    5601-5686 Accountancy
    5801-6182 Advertising
  HG   Finance : Money, Banking, Investment, Insurance
  HJ   Public Finance : Revenue, Taxation, Expenditure, Public Credit,
      Local Finance
  HM   Sociology
  HN   Social History and Conditions, Social Problems, Social Reform
  HQ   Social Groups: Family, Marriage, Woman
  HS   Societies: Secret, Benevolent, etc.
  HT   Communities, Classes, Races
  HV   Social Pathology, Social and Public Welfare, Criminology
J     Politics and Government
K     Law (General) and Law of Hong Kong
  KD   Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland
  KF   Law of the United States
  KNR   Law of Hong Kong (Pre-1997)
  KNQ   Law of China, Law of Hong Kong (Post-1997)
L     Education (General)
    900-991 Directories of Educational Institutions
  LB   Theory and Practice of Education: Teaching, Teacher Training, School Administration and Organization
  LC   Special Aspects of Education: Social Aspects, Economic Aspects and Education of Special Classes of Persons
  LG   Individual Institutions: Asia, Africa
    51-53 China, including Hong Kong
M     Music
N     Visual Arts
  NA   Architecture
  NB   Sculpture
  NC   Drawing, Design, Illustration, Commercial Arts, Graphics
  ND   Painting
  NE   Print Media
  NK   Decorative Arts, Applied Arts, Decoration and Ornament
  NX   Arts in General
P     Language and Literature (General)
      Philology, Linguistics
  PE   English Language and Literature
  PL   Oriental Languages and Literatures
  PN   Literature (General)
    1997 Feature Films
  PR   English Literature, Fiction
  PS   American Literature, Fiction
Q     Science (General)
  QA   Mathematics
    76 Computer Science
  QB   Astronomy
  QC   Physics
  QD   Chemistry
  QE   Geology
  QH   Natural History (General), Biology (General), Ecology
  QK   Botany
  QL   Zoology
  QM   Human Anatomy
  QP   Physiology
  QR   Microbiology
R     Medicine (General)
  RA   Public Aspects of Medicine: Medicine and the State, Public Health,
      Environmental Health
  RB   Pathology including Medical Laboratory Technique
  RC   Internal Medicine including Neurology and Psychiatry, Geriatrics,
      Industrial Medicine, Radiography
  RD   Surgery
  RE   Ophthalmology including Ophthalmic Optics
  RF   Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat
  RG   Gynecology and Obstetrics
  RJ   Pediatrics
  RK   Dentistry including Dental Technology
  RL   Dermatology
  RM   Therapeutics including Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Pharmacology
  RS   Pharmacy and Materia Medica
  RT   Nursing
  RV   Botanic, Thomsonian and Eclectic Medicine
  RX   Homeopathy
  RZ   Other Systems of Medicine
S     Agriculture (General)
  SB   Plant Culture
  SD   Forestry
  SF   Animal Culture
  SH   Aquaculture, Fisheries
  SK   Hunting Sports
T     Technology (General)
  TA   Engineering (General), Civil Engineering
    501-625 Surveying
    1500-1820 Applied Optics
  TC   Hydraulic Engineering
  TD   Environmental Technology, Sanitary Engineering
  TE   Highway Engineering, Roads and Pavements
  TF   Railroad Engineering and Operation
  TG   Bridge Engineering
  TH   Building Construction
  TJ   Mechanical Engineering and Machinery
  TK   Electrical Engineering
    7800-7895 Electronics, including Computer Hardware
    9001-9401 Nuclear Engineering, Atomic Power
  TL   Motor Vehicles, Aeronautics, Astronautics
  TN   Mining Engineering, Metallurgy
  TP   Chemical Technology including textile bleaching, dyeing, printing, etc.
  TR   Photography, Applied Photography (Photogrammetry), Photomechanic Processes
  TS   Manufactures
    1300-1865 Textiles
  TT   Handicrafts, Arts and Crafts
    502 Fashion
  TX   Home Economics
    645-840 Cookery
    901-950 Hotel and Management and Catering Services
U     Military Science
V     Naval Science
  VK   Navigation, Merchant Marine
  VM   Naval Architecture, Shipbuilding: Marine Engineering
Z     Bibliography and Library Science