Ricoh Octopus printing guide

Step 1: Ensure that you have submit your job and come to the correct printers. Please review Printing in Library guide for reference.

Important information
Please make sure the [Check Status] light is in blue, press [Reset] button and go to the screen of [Reset Jobs].
Press [Reset], then press "Cancel All Jobs" and "Yes" to clear all previous print jobs.
Reset 1Reset 2

Step 2: Select the function
press [Printer] button on the panel.

Step 3: Insert Octopus Card
insert octopus

Not applicable to mini and special edition of Octopus card.
Please make sure you have sufficient fund. No value-added service are available in Library

Step 4: Select your User ID and enter the PIN, then select your Print job
Select User IDEnter PIN
Select Print Job

Step 5: Before confirming your printing, you may choose to print the job directly by hitting "Print" or switch between B&W or Colour at "Detailed Setting"


Step 6: After finish your printout. Remember to get back your Octopus card
Octopus 1Octopus 2

You may also refer to the official documentation from Ricoh here.

For more information about printing, please approach Technical Support Desk on 4/F for assistance.