Instructions & Workshops

Library instruction sessions prepare students to find, evaluate and utilize information identified through library research tools as well as a variety of information sources.

Faculty Librarians are happy to work with instructors to create instruction sessions relevant to course goals. Instruction materials are is designed with extensive flexibility in mind so that appropriate content could be integrating into courses and curricula with very specific learning targets.

Join a session below or tell us what you need

will be specially designed and provided to all new members of the PolyU community so as to make effective use of the rich resources available in our Library.

Library Orientation for new students – come join us!
Join in a library orientation or tour to make the best use of Library services and facilities. All new students are welcome!!

Customized instruction/In-class instruction
is offered and tailored to suit specific course's needs and/or learning outcomes with an aim at developing information literacy skills.

One-on-one instruction
is offered to users who need research assistance with course and degree related projects and assignments.

allowing users to view on their own, at their own pace and at a time of their choosing, is designed to equip users with information literacy skills.

Topical workshops
are offered in Oct – Dec and Feb – May during term time to assist staff and students in developing research techniques to locate, evaluate and manage information.

Library resources for CAR subjects workshops
featuring CAR A, B, C and D subjects are available in both semesters. This series of workshops can help students acquire essential information skills to locate and make use of relevant resources for CAR subjects.

Workshop materials
are available to workshop attendees to download after attending workshops

Workshop request

  1. Request by Faculty members - Upon request, we are available to provide customized workshops on strategic use of library resources and introduce students to library research in a specific discipline or course assignment.
  2. Request by students - Upon request, we may arrange either a Library Workshop or a Research Consultation Service on the specified topics depending on the number of students.

As these workshops require considerable preparation time, please make arrangement in advance.