Conduct of Library Users


Silence must be observed in the Library to maintain a quiet study atmosphere. All discussions are to be conducted in designated areas or OUTSIDE the Library Building.

Mobile Phones/Pagers

Except in designated areas (Library's staircases and the 24-Hour Study Centre), use of mobile phones and pagers is prohibited. Library users should de-activate these devices before entering the Library.


Library seats cannot be reserved. Please vacate your seat if it is no longer required. Any person can occupy any seat when nobody is sitting on it.

Food & Drink

Food and drinks are not allowed, except in designated areas determined by the Library. Please refer to the Library's Food & Drink Policy for details.

Personal Belongings

Personal belongings should not be left unattended. The Library will not be responsible for any loss or damages of personal belongings.

Respect and Courtesy

Please treat Library staff and other users with respect and courtesy. Profanity, use of abusive language or harassment towards Library staff or other users are prohibited.


Copyright law should be strictly observed by all users when reproducing Library materials, whether by photocopying or by electronic means. Users are fully responsible for any legal consequences arising from infringement of applicable copyright laws.

Computer Equipment

Library computer equipment is intended for library research. They are not to be used for games or similar applications. Also, users should not use public Library computers and printers to display or print materials that might be defined as harassing or obscene.