Popular Journal Titles

The following popular journal titles are avaliable at the Current Awareness Centre (P/F):

AP2 .E846 君子雜誌
AP2 .N47 The New Yorker
AP2 .N48 The New York times
AP2 .N49 Newsweek
AP2 .P86 Popular science
AP2 .T56 Time
AP8 .H67 Hong Kong tatler
AP20 .M37 Marie Claire
AP20 .M372 瑪利嘉兒
AP95.C4 A55 澳門雜誌
AP95.C4 C57 鏡報
AP95.C4 H38 號外
AP95.C4 K34 開放
AP95.C4 M54 明報月刊
AP95.C4 S45 三聯生活周刊
AP95.C4 S56 視覺生活
AP95.C4 T748 读者
AP95.C4 T83 讀者文摘
D860 .W44 The week
DS701 .C443 China perspectives  
DS701 .C7587 中國評論
DS712.C8541 中國旅遊
DS796.H75 J48 Jet
DS796.M2 M323 Macao
DS801 .J368 Japan close-up
DS901 .K67 Korea
G1 .N27 National geographic
G1 .T53 中國國家地理
G149 .C66 Condé Nast traveller
G149 .G49 Get lost!
G155.H6 H65 Hong Kong discovery
G500 .I84 Islands
GV191.48.A9 A87 Australian geographic outdoor
HB9 .E36 經濟導報
HC10 .E25 The Economist
HC411 .A761 亞洲週刊
HE9761.1 .A52 Airways 
HF3128 .U58 The China business review
HF5001 .F65 Forbes
HF5001 .F7 Fortune
HF5001 .H3 Harvard business review
HF5801 .C48 中國廣告
LB2300 .T56 Times higher education
N8.C5 Y57 藝術與設計
NA1 .D6 Domus 
NA1 .H56 Hinge
NA1 .P47 Perspective  
NA4 .C3 Casabella
NA12 .R6 RIBA journal 
NA1550.J3 Japan Architect
NA7100 .A2 Abitare
NA7208 .C87 Custom home
NC997.A1 E92 Eye
NK1700 .M67 摩登家庭
NK1700 .W64 The World of interiors
NK3700 .T36 陶藝
PL2250 .Y556 印刻文學生活誌
PL3119.H6 H74 香港文學
PN1993 .S44 世界電影
PN1993.5.K6 K6735 Korean cinema today 
PN4784.U53 U86 Utne
Q1 .A4 Science
Q1 .N52 New scientist
Q4 .N58 牛頓科學雜誌
Q4 .S36 科學月刊
QL691.H6 H655 Bulletin
RA790.7.H6H64 Hong Kong journal of mental health.
RT13.H6 N87 護訊
T55.A1 L8 綠十字
TA501 .H662 Surveyors times  
TH7005 .A4 ASHRAE journal
TH7201 .H3 Heating/piping/air conditioning engineering 
TK7870 .E45 Electronic design
TL501 .F54 Flight international
TP785 .C44 Ceramics monthly
TR1 .A62 Aperture
TR1 .P42 Photog
TR1 .T3 大眾攝影
TR640 .E78 European photography
TR845 .V52 Videomaker
TS160 .R44 RFID journal
TS171.A1 O77 Ottagono
TS176 .M3 Manufacturing engineering
TS1300 .T517 Textile world.
TT500 .A54 アンアン  
TT500 .B33 Baccarat
TT500 .E41 Elle
TT500. I572 妍式
TT500 .V6 Vogue
TT500 .V61 Vogue
TT617.G4 GQ 
TX335 .C531 選擇
TX901 .A85 Asian hotel and catering times
TX907.5.A8 D38 Unique places to stay
TX911.3.M27 R43 Restaurant hospitality
Z1035.A1 T55 TLS, the Times literary supplement