Standards and External Examination Papers

The following collections are housed in closed stacks. Please enquire at the Loan & Return Counter (ext. 6864) for use of closed stack materials.

Standards (Loan & Return Counter, Podium Floor)

Major industrial standards are kept in closed stacks of the Special Collections. Standards are indicated by the abbreviation [STD] before the call number on the OPAC. Indexes and full-text/image version of national and international standards, including the British Standards, ISO Standards, American National Standards, Japanese Industrial Standards etc., are available on the Internet at IHS Standards Expert and the Australian Standards.

External Examination Papers (Loan & Return Counter, Podium Floor)

Examination papers of certified examination authorities such as HKAAT, CGLI, etc are kept in closed stacks. Users could borrow the papers from the Loan & Return Counter on P/F for 6-hour in-house use.