Floor Plan

Audio Visual Collection
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Book Collection
  Call No. A - G 5/F South Wing
  Call No. H - HE 5/F North Wing
  Call No. HF - K 4/F South Wing
  Call No. L - M G/F South Wing
  Call No. N1 - N6999 6/F North Wing
  Call No. N7000-NB G/F South Wing
  Call No. NC 4/F North Wing (i-Space)
  Call No. ND - PG G/F South Wing
  Call No. PH - PZ 3/F South Wing. Relocation in progress
  Call No. Q - S G/F South Wing
  Call No. T - Z Temporarily unavailable
Course Reserves
Books on 7-day Loan
i-Space Book Display
4/F North Wing (i-Space)
New Book Display
P/F (Current Awareness Centre)
PolyU Reads [Titles]
P/F (Current Awareness Centre)
Reference Collection
  Call No. A - PD 6/F South Wing
  Call No. PE - Z 6/F North Wing
Serials Collection
  Current Journals G/F South Wing
  Bound Journals Call No. A - L Temporarily unavailable
  Bound Journals Call No. M - Z Temporarily unavailable
  Popular Journals [Titles] P/F (Current Awareness Centre)
  Newspapers (Current Issues) P/F (Current Awareness Centre)
  Newspapers (Back Issues) G/F South Wing
  i-Space Journals 4/F North Wing (i-Space)
G/F South Wing
University Collection
P/F (Multipurpose Hall)

Borrowing & Return
Loan & Return Counter
   (Borrowing, Return, Renewal;
   Library Tickets;
   JULAC Matters)
24-Hour Book Drop P/F
Interlibrary Loans P/F
Help Desks
Enquiry Counter P/F
Technical Support Desk 4/F
Printing, Scanning & Copying
Printing, Copying & Scanning (A4 & A3) All Floors
Large Format Printing (by appointment) 4/F i-Space
Large Format Scanning (Details)  4/F i-Space
3D Printing (by appointment) 4/F i-Space
Thermal Binding & Laminating Service (Details) 4/F i-Space
24-Hour Study Centre 1/F
Current Awareness Centre P/F
Digital Makerspace 4/F
Digital Visualisation Room 4/F
The Forum 6/F
The Bubble 6/F
Group Rooms (L113b, L113c, L113f) 1/F
Group Rooms (L601a, L601b, L601c, L601d) 6/F
i-Space 4/F
Learning Lab 1, 2 & 3 3/F
LibCafe@ PolyU P/F
Multipurpose Hall P/F
Seminar Room 1 & 2 1/F
Special Equipment Room 4/F
Terrace 6/F


6/F, Pao Yue-kong Library

5/F, Pao Yue-kong Library

4/F, Pao Yue-kong Library

3/F, Pao Yue-kong Library

P/F, Pao Yue-kong Library

1/F, Pao Yue-kong Library

G/F, Pao Yue-kong Library