Library Staff Directory

  Telephone No. Email Address
University Librarian's Office
University Librarian Dr Shirley CW Wong (852)2766-6856
Assistant Officer Ms Debbie Yuen 2766-6857
Executive Officer Ms Pauline Lai 2766-6855
Information Literacy Project  
Principal Investigator Dr Shirley CW Wong 2766-6856
Senior Project Fellow Dr Johnny Yuen 2766-6854
Project Associate Ms Carol Ma 2766-6854
Information Services, Library Space Planning, Research Support, User Experience & Outreach
Information Services
Section Head
Faculty Librarian (Design)
Ms Susanna Tsang 2766-6858

Assistant Librarian
Faculty Librarian (Health Sciences)

Faculty Librarian (Applied Social Sciences) (temp)

Ms Karen Chan 2766-6886
Assistant Librarian
Faculty Librarian (Construction & Environment)
Ms Celia Chow 2766-6852
Assistant Librarian II
Vacant --


Library Assistant I Mr Tommy Fong 2766-6892
Library Assistant I Ms Tracy Lau 2766-6971
Library Space Planning
Section Head Ms Clarice Hui 2766-7884
Executive Officer Ms Denise Chan 2766-6879
Research Support
Section Head Ms Janice Chia 2766-6853

Assistant Librarian II
Faculty Librarian (Hotel & Tourism Management)  

Mr Eddie Ko 2766-6908
Assistant Librarian II
Faculty Librarian (Engineering)
Ms Aster Zhao 2766-6859
Assistant Librarian II 
Faculty Librarian (Applied Science & Textiles)
Ms Jenny Lam 3400-3998
Library Assistant I Ms Iris Wai 2766-6916
User Experience & Outreach
Section Head
Faculty Librarian (Business)
Mr William Ho 2766-6893

Assistant Librarian
Faculty Librarian (Chinese, Bilingual Studies, General Education)
Ms Lydia Ngai 3400-3165
Assistant Librarian II
Faculty Librarian (English Language)
Ms Christine Ho 2766-6860
Associate Librarian Ms Ann Au 2766-6861
Planning and Project Development
Section Head Ms Gladys Tam 2766-6872
Management Support
Executive Officer Ms Sue Fung 2766-6330
Personal Secretary Ms Deris Chim 2766-6896
Access Services
Section Head Ms Clarice Hui 2766-7884
Library Assistant I Ms Christine Chow 2766-6881
Library Assistant I Ms Ella Ma 2766-6867
Library Assistant I Ms Diana Wong 2766-6968
Library Assistant I Ms Yuen Yuk-ching 2766-6882
Collections & Scholarly Communication
Associate Librarian Ms Cindy Lui 2766-6910
Collection Development
Section Head Ms Mei Li 2766-6699
Assistant Librarian Ms Josephine Lee 2766-6900
Library Assistant I Ms Sindy Lam 2766-6904
Library Assistant I Mr Gary Siauw 2766-6906
Library Assistant I Ms Young Pui-shan 2766-6894
Library Assistant I Ms Winnie Tsang 2766-6976
Metadata and Bibliographic Services
Assistant Librarian (In-charge) Ms Tang Sin Yee 2766-6914
Assistant Librarian 
(Institutional Research Archive)
Ms Ada Cheung 3400-3196
Assistant Librarian II Ms Terese Man 3400-3197
Assistant Librarian II Dr Rebecca Yu 2766-6850
Library Assistant I Ms Linda Chu 2766-6913
Digital Development & Services
Associate Librarian Mr Ivan Chan 2766-6869
Systems & Digital Services
Assistant Librarian Mr Wayne Lam 2766-6887
Assistant Librarian II Ms Sandy Cheng 2766-6911
Information Technology Officer Mr Teddy Lee 2766-6903
Senior Library Assistant Mr Lee Siu-san 2766-6877
Senior Library Assistant Mr Edmond Wong 2766-6973
Media Services
Assistant Librarian II Mr Leo Wong 2766-6895
Library Assistant I Ms Manda Man 2766-6880