Reference Collection

(Sixth Floor)

The Reference Collection contains tools to help users in their research, study and current information needs. The tools tend to be sources that are for the looking up of specific factual data and information rather than being read cover-to-cover.

These handy tools include encyclopaedias, statistical sources, country data, biographical sources, various types of dictionaries, guidebooks, handbooks, directories, etc.

There are also electronic reference sources that users can access 24 hours a day. Please go to the database list to look for electronic versions of encyclopaedias, dictionaries, statistical sources, country data, as well as a full array of local and overseas databases. Entries under the Reference category of the database menu will direct you to some basic reference sources.

For users who are looking for journal articles, research reports or articles in proceedings, newspaper articles etc., there is a subject listing of e-databases where abstract or full-text electronic databases are available for searching online. Results and can be printed, downloaded or emailed.

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