Ricoh Macintosh B/W Printer Driver Installation Manual


In MacBook, the printer driver accepts "Locked print" only.  For configuration in Macintosh, different programs may have different interface.

Printer List

Location Name Hostname
3/F Multimedia Commons L303Q
P/F Reading Area L203A
G/F North L019B

Download driver

Please click the following button to download the driver before installation.


  1. Download the driver from Library homepage.
  2. Double click "Ricoh_MP_..._LIO_Driver.pkg"

  3. Click "Continue" > "Continue" > "Agree" > "Install"

  4. Input your MacBook's account password for installation and click "OK"

  5. Click "Close" to complete printer driver installation.

Create printer

Follow the steps to create a printer

  1. Click the "Apple Icon" on the upper left corner and click "System Preferences"

  2. Click "Print & Scan"



  3. Click "+" to add printer

  4. Switch to "IP" and input the following information:

    Address: Please refer to printer list on top of the this page.
    Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD
    Name: (optional)
    Location: L301(B&W) (optional)
    Use RICOH MP 5054 PS

    Click "Add"

  5. The printer installation is completed. Please repeat these steps for another printer installation.

Create printing profile

This settings will create a profile for other software printing.

  1. Open your document to print, e.g. open a PDF file with the default "Preview" app.
  2. Click "File" > "Print" from the menu.

  3. From the printing dialog, click "Show Details"
  4. Select your preferred settings.
    Select "Job Log" #1 (Mandatory)
    User ID: <Your prefer User ID>(Mandatory)
    *4-8 alphanumeric characters
    Job Type: "Locked Print" (Mandatory)
    *The printer accept "Locked Print" only.
    Password: ********(Mandatory)
    4-8 digits

    #1 If "Job Log" is not available from the list, please start again from step 1 using a different application (e.g. Microsoft Word).

  5. Save your selection as "Presets" by setting [Presets: Save Current Settings as Preset].

  6. Select the "Presets" created in the previous step before printing.