Macintosh Printer Driver Installation Manual


In MacBook, the printer driver accepts "Locked print" only.  For configuration in Macintosh, different programs may have different interface.

Printer List

# Location / Name Hostname Driver / Installation
1 L501A  
2 L505A  
3 L401A  
4 L303P  
5 L303Q  
6 L203A  
7 L203B  
8 L203C  
9 L114A  
10 L115A  
11 L001A  
12 L001B  
13 L003A  
14 L019A  
15 L019B  
16 L019C  
17 L019D  

Download driver

Please click the following button to download the driver before installation.



  1. Download the driver from Library homepage.
  1. Double click "Ricoh_MP_..._LIO_Driver.pkg"
  1. Click "Continue" > "Continue" > "Agree" > "Install"
  1. Input your MacBook's account password for installation and click "OK"
  1. Click "Close" to complete printer driver installation.

Create printer

Follow the steps to create a printer

  1. Click the "Apple Icon" on the upper left corner and click "System Preferences"
  1. Click "Print & Scan"
  1. Click "+" to add printer
  1. Click "IP" and Input the following information:
Address: Please refer to printer list on top of the this page.
Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD
Name: (optional)
Location: L301(B&W) (optional)
Use RICOH MP 5054 PS

Click "Add"

  1. The printer installation is completed. Please repeat these steps for another printer installation.

Create printing profile

This settings will create a profile for other software printing.

  1. Open your document to print.
    (E.g. Open a PDF file with the default "Preview" app)
  2. File > Print
  3. From the printing dialog, click "Show Details"
  1. Select your preferred settings.
Select "Job Log" #1 (Mandatory)
User ID: <Your prefer User ID>(Mandatory)
*4-8 alphanumeric characters
Job Type: "Locked Print" (Mandatory)
*The printer accept "Locked Print" only.
Password: ********(Mandatory)
4-8 digits

#1 If "Job Log" is not available from the list, please start again from step 1 using a different application (e.g. Microsoft Word).

  1. Save your selection as "Presets".

Presets > Save Current Settings as Preset

  1. Before print, "Presets" need to be selected.