Software List of i-Space (4/F)

i-Space application software Version Availability
3D Object    
CorelDraw (Technical Suite) 2017 iWS01-04, iWS11-30
Unity 2017 iWS08
3DSMax 2017 iWS08
AutoCAD Lite 2016 iWS28, iWS30
Agisoft PhotoScan Standard Desktop 3D Scanner workstation
MeshLab 2016.12 iWS08 & iWS10
OpenSCAD 2015.03-2 iWS08 & iWS10
Pixologic - Sculptris Alpha6 iWS08 & iWS10
TinkerCAD (Online tools link)   iWS08 & iWS10
Blender 2.71
Data analytic / Visualization    
Nvivo 10 iWS11-12
SAS 9.4 iWS01-07 & iWS11-30
SPSS v23 iWS11-14, iWS21-24
Gephi 0.9.2 iWS11-14, iWS21-24
Weka 3.8.2 iWS11-14, iWS21-24
MaxQuant iWS11-14, iWS21-24
Rstudio 1.1.383 iWS11-14, iWS21-24
Tableau Public 10.4.2 iWS11-14, iWS21-24
Grass GIS 7
QGIS Lyon 2.12
Python 3.6.2
R 3.1.2 iWS11-14, iWS21-24
AudioVisual /Image Editing    
Audacity  2.1.3
Camstudio 2.7
GNU Image Manipulation Program GIMP 2.8.22
HandBreak 1.0.7
InfraRecorder 0.53
Inkscape 0.53
Adobe Create Suite CS6 iWS28, iWS30
After Effects CS6 iWS28, iWS30
Audition CS6 iWS28, iWS30
Bridge CS6 iWS28, iWS30
Dreamweaver CS6 iWS28, iWS30
Encore CS6 iWS28, iWS30
Fireworks CS6 iWS28, iWS30
Flash Professional CS6 iWS28, iWS30
Flash Builder Premium Edition 4.6 iWS28, iWS30
Illustrator CS6 iWS28, iWS30
InDesign CS6 iWS28, iWS30
Media Encoder CS6 iWS28, iWS30
Photoshop Extended CS6 iWS28, iWS30
Premiere Pro CS6 iWS28, iWS30
Prelude CS6 iWS28, iWS30
SpeedGrade CS6 iWS28, iWS30
Digital Publishing Suite (integrates witd)   iWS28, iWS30
Microsoft Office and Viewers Version Availability
MS Office 2016 2016 Prof. Plus
Access 2016
Excel 2016
OneNote 2016
PowerPoint 2016
Publisher 2016
Skype for Business 2016
Visio Viewer 2016
Word 2016
Other Applications Version Availability
EndNote X8.1
Zotero 4.0.28
Mendeley 1.17.3
7zip 9.2/16.02
ActivePerl 5.24
Acrobat Professional 10/DC iWS01-04, iWS11-30
Acrobat Reader 11.07/DC
FileZilla Client 3.27
Ghostscript 9.14
MediaCoder 0.8.49
Notepad++ 7.5
Scribus 1.5.3
Putty 0.7
Adober Flash Player 22
AlternaTiff 2.08
IrfanView 4.41
Apabi Reader  4.5
CAJViewer 7.2
DWG TrueView Viewer 2015/2018
Firefox 54
Google Chrome 63
GSView 5
Java Runtime 8.0.151
PenPower Jr. 7.2h
RealPlayer 17/18
VLC Media Player 2.1.3
WINSCP 5.1.7
九方輸入法 W7/W10

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