Vinyl cutting

A vinyl cutter is a computer-controlled cutting device which is frequently used to cut out shapes from two-layered self-adhesive materials (e.g. vinyl film, sticker paper) for creating decals, stickers and paint mask. The blade is set up to cut through only the upper layer (the adhesive layer) but not the lower layer (the backing layer) of the material. In this way, the backing layer holds the separated shapes on the adhesive layer together before they are applied on the desired surface. When cutting on materials which are produced in rolls, a vinyl cutter is particularly good for cutting tasks which have long length such as banners and billboards. You may try out this new service by appointment:

i-Space consultation services appointment


Digital Makerspace, 4/F North Wing

Vinyl cutter information



Media loading width

50 – 1326mm 

Media loading length

Single sheet 10m (maximum)
Roll material 150m (maximum)

Media thickness

0.8mm (maximum)

Cutting width

1010mm (maximum)

Cutting length

50m (maximum)

Cutting speed

1530mm/s (maximum)

Material suitable for cutting

vinyl film, sticker paper, window film

Eligible Users

PolyU students, faculty and staff.

Rules & Regulations

  • Please bring your own material to cut but you must check with us if the material is appropriate for cutting.
  • You will need to create your own artwork. Please read instructions below.
  • Consultation appointment is available for booking from Monday to Friday (except public holidays). Please make your appointment via i-Space Consultation Service.


  • You can use vector editing software such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW to create artwork for cutting. You may make use of software installed at i-Space to print artwork to the vinyl cutter.
  • You must well prepare your files in advance to ensure you can fully utilize your booked session.
  • Leave at least 25mm margin on the left and right edges of the material.
  • Leave at least 25mm margin at the top edge and 50mm margin at the bottom edge of the material.
  • Please follow the recommended file specifications for Adobe Illustrator below:

Colour mode


Stroke weight for cut lines

0.01 pt

Convert all text to outlines first.

You can create multiple artboards in your file but the print driver can only handle one artboard per print job.

Avoid duplicated paths stacking on each other or the same path will be cut multiple times.

Do not create clipping mask as the print driver will ignore it.


The order of cutting of a cut line is controlled by its colour. And different cutting force and speed can be assigned to different colour. You can download the default colour scheme below.

Default Colour Scheme