Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT refers to the networked interconnection devices often equipped with intelligence that can capture data from our environment. Most of appliances, including alarm clocks, lighting, etc. can be connected to the Internet via IoT devices. The IoT Corner in the Digital Makerspace provides IoT devices loan service. You can quickly build a networked device in the Makerspace and start a proof-of-concept stage for your design.

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Digital Makerspace, 4/F North Wing

IoT Wi-Fi access

The Library provides an internal Wi-Fi service. All IoT devices and applications can connect to internal Wi-Fi for testing your IoT projects. For details, please contact the Technical Support Desk.

IoT mainboard & Multimeter (Available to borrow at Self-service kiosk (4/F, i-Space) for 2-days loan)

Raspberry Pi 5
Raspberry Pi 5
Arduino Uno R3
Arduino Uno R3
Arduino Uno R4
Arduino Uno R4 Minima

M5GO (ESP32) : IoT Starter Kit


Sensors and tools for Library use at IoT Corner

Various sensors
Various sensors
Various tools
Various tools
Electronic components
Electronic components
Soldering Iron
Soldering Iron (borrow at Technical Support Desk)



Arduino Logo  Arduino
Raspberry Pi Logo  Raspberry Pi

Eligible users:PolyU staff and students enrolled on programmes leading to PolyU awards


  • IoT mainboards and multimeter are available to borrow for 2 days at Self-service kiosk (4/F, i-Space). Late return will be treated as an overdue and is liable to a fine of $10 per day.
  • IoT sensors, tools and electronic components are available at IoT corner for use in i-Space.
  • Return all sensors, tools and electronic components to IoT corner after use.
  • Ensuring fair access to all eligible users, IoT devices are available on a first-come, first-served basis.