Sound Recording Studio

Due to Library Extension and Revitalisation (LER) Project, this studio in the Library are temporarily closed until further notice.

The Sound Recording Studio is a self-service studio featured with professional sound recording equipment and digital audio workstation (DAW) software for sound production, audio or video dubbing, record narrations for PowerPoint, etc. Staff and students can also reserve the studio to conduct video conferencing for online interview or presentation. The video conferencing workstation is equipped with a 4K webcam and pre-installed common video conferencing software.


L303d, 3/F North Wing
Sound Recording Studio


  • Technical Support Desk (4/F North Wing or Tel: 2766-6909)
  • Guides & tutorials for using the studio click here.

Booking  Policy

Eligible users:

PolyU students and staff, except students leading to no award.


  • 2-hour per session are available for booking from Monday to Sunday (While Library open).
  • Eligible user can have a maximum of 1 booking session per day.
  • Booking can be made 3 days in advance on iBooking system.
  • User is required to check-in the booking at the Self-service Kiosk (3/F North Wing) 10 minutes within the booking session

Book Now@iBooking

Points to Note

  • No food or beverages are allowed in the studio.
  • All equipment is for use inside the studio only.
  • Never leave the equipment unattended or in an unlocked studio door.
  • Equipment failure/damage/loss must be reported immediately to the Technical Support Desk (4/F North Wing). If it is determined that the damage or parts missing is due to misuse or negligence, the user will assume full financial responsibility for the costs of repair, labor, replacement parts, etc.
  • Do not alter, disconnect, or change the cables, connections, wiring, or set-ups of the equipment in the studio without prior knowledge and approval.
  • Before leaving the studio, user must make sure they have saved their media files in their own storage devices. Work, which is stored in the computer will be deleted immediately when the computer is turned off. There is no way for files to be recovered once they have been deleted.
  • Library staff have the right to enter the studio for inspection during users’ reserved session when needed.