3D Scanning

3D scanner is a device to capture the size and shape of a physical object into digital 3D presentation. 3D scanners are the fastest and automated way to assist in creating 3D model prototypes from physical objects. The Library provides 2 types of 3D scanners, a handheld and a desktop 3D Scanner, you may choose a suitable one according to your needs. Walk-in are welcomes, reservation via iBooking system is recommended.

Desktop 3D Scanning@iBooking

Handheld 3D Scanner - Structure Sensor


Digital Makerspace, 4/F North Wing

Loan Policy

Eligible users: PolyU students, faculty and staff.

First-come, first-served

Scanner information

This scanner is a handheld 3D scanner attached to an iPad. The scanner can be used for creating 3D objects for virtual reality, 3D printing and gaming. It is best for creating object in larger size.

Scanning range 40 cm (min) and 3.5m (max)
Resolution 640 x 480(VGA) or 320 x 240(QVGA)
Frame-rate 30 / 60 frames per second
Illumination Infrared structured light projector, Uniform infrared LEDs
Field of View Horizontal: 58 degrees, Vertical: 45 degrees
Output file format .OBJ

Structure Scanner    Structure Scanner Demonstration

Overdue Fine

$10 per day


  • The Structure Sensor 3D scanner must be checked out and returned at the Technical Support Desk one hour before Library closing.
  • The Structure Sensor - Handheld 3D Scanner can be loaned for up to 2 days.
  • Ensuring fair access to all eligible users, the scanners are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Users are advised to remove all personal data before returning the sensor.
  • Borrowers are responsible for the loss and damage to the scanner.


Desktop 3D Scanner - EinScan-S


Digital Makerspace, 4/F North Wing

Booking policy

Eligible users: PolyU/CPCE students, faculty and staff.

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Scanner information

The EinScan-S 3D scanner is a desktop 3D scanner attached to a workstation in the Digital Makerspace for students to quickly and easily capture 3D models. The scanner outputs in standard file formats such as STL or OBJ which can be used in most 3D CAD applications.It is best for create small 3D object with details.

Resolution 0.1mm (single range)
Pixel distance 0.17mm ~ 0.2mm
Resolution 1.3 Mega pixel
Max scanning volume Desktop : 200 x 200 x 200mm
Free stand : 700 x 700 x 700mm
Speed Desktop : 3mins
Free stand : 10s (single range)
Max scanning volume Scanner : 246 x 126 x 60mm
Turntable : 246 x 260 x 65mm
Output files format .STL / .ASC / .OBJ

3D Scanner Demonstration    3D Scanner


  • Two sessions at 10:00am and 2:30pm respectively are available for on i-Booking system from Mondays to Sundays.
  • The maximum duration of each session is three hours.
  • Booking can be made 2 days in advance on iBooking.
  • A quota will be counted for no-show without making any cancellation. Please cancel your booking before the session begins.
  • Borrowers are responsible for the loss and damage to the scanner.