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SAGE Research Methods Video - Practical Research and Academic Skills (Trial)

2021-03-15 09:25 | News

This video collection offers support on the practical skills that researchers need to complete their research. It covers key areas such as writing a research proposal, planning and designing a research project and securing ethical approval. Skills such as project management, writing for publication, presenting work, and building networks are also presented through explanatory videos.

Expiry date: 31 May 2021

SAGE Research Methods Video - Core (Trial)

2021-03-15 09:24 | News

This video collection covers the entire research methods and statistics curriculum through tutorials, case study videos, expert interviews, and more.

Expiry date: 31 May 2021

SAGE Research Methods Video - Data Science, Big Data Analytics, and Digital Methods (Trial)

2021-03-15 09:24 | News

This video collection covers data science methods, issues and challenges surrounding big data research, with examples and applications of computational social science research.

Expiry date: 31 May 2021

BBC Horizon Collection (Trial)

2021-03-13 11:32 | News

The BBC Horizon television program reveals the science behind a broad range of topics, including astronomy, physics, mathematics, the environment, disease and more.

Expiry date: 30 Apr 2021

Environmental Studies in Video (Trial)

2021-03-13 11:30 | News

This resources contains films covering all realms of environmental studies, particularly ethics, policy, economics, law, sociology, planning, and environmental science.

Expiry date: 30 Apr 2021

BBC Literary Adaptations in Video (Trial)

2021-03-13 11:26 | News

This collection of over 160 titles comprises BBC productions of adaptations of famous English literary classics. The product also includes titles like Face to Face and Performance where actors and directors discuss their craft.

Expiry date: 30 Apr 2021

BBC Landmark Video Collection, Volume 2 (Trial)

2021-03-13 11:24 | News

This collection provides exclusive HD view into the natural world and events which covers series like Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Big Cats and Dynasties, etc.

Expiry date: 30 Apr 2021

60 Minutes: 1997-2014 (Trial)

2021-03-13 11:17 | News

This collection exclusively from Alexander Street covers CBS News archives from this period.

Expiry date: 30 Apr 2021

Open Access Options for PolyU Authors

2021-03-11 09:31 | News

Open Access to scientific information and research data has never been more crucial than ever as evident from the fight against the COVID pandemic. As a researcher, you have the choice to make your research more open, reach as many people as possible, and maximize its impact to the society. Here are some Open Access options for PolyU Authors


Support of Open Access to Published Research through Institutional Archiving

As you may recall, the University has recently requested all academic staff to deposit the Final Accepted Manuscripts of their research outputs in the PolyU Institutional Research Archive (PIRA). By doing this, a version of your research work will be made available to both the research community and the larger public.

To submit your manuscript to PIRA, you may choose either of these channels:

For more information about Open Access through PIRA, please see our guide.

Publishing in Open Access Journals

Another way to make your research article Open Access is to publish in Open Access journals. This way, your work will be available immediately to the research community right after publication. In most cases, an Article Processing Charge (APC) may be charged to the authors when the paper gets accepted. PolyU authors now have 2 more options to publish in Open Access without paying for APC:

  1. Publish Open Access articles in Cambridge University Press (CUP) Journals

    PolyU authors can publish in CUP journals with APC fully waived during the period of 2021-2023. Visit our guide, or watch the training recording to learn how this works.

  2. Publish in IWA Open Access Journals

    PolyU authors can publish Open Access articles with APC fully waived in all IWA journals under Subscribe-to-Open (S2O) model. Visit our guide to learn more details.

For enquiries, please feel free to email us at, or contact your Faculty Librarian.

IUPAC Standards Online (Trial)

2021-03-03 09:20 | News

A database created by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) covering international standards and recommendations extracted from Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

Expiry date: 31 Dec 2021