HKALL Borrowing Services

HKALL allows users to borrow books directly from other UGC libraries.


Staff and students on all programmes leading to PolyU awards are eligible to use HKALL.

External users (e.g. graduates, special borrowers, JULAC users from other libraries, retirees, etc.) and extension students who are non-PolyU-awardees are excluded.



  • Borrowers will be using their PolyU loan and request quotas to borrow HKALL books. The maximum is 30 items for Academic / Academic equivalent staff and 15 items for other users at any one time.

Loan periods and recalls

  • Academic / Academic equivalent staff can borrow 30 books and postgraduate students 15 books for 30 days, subject to recall after 15 days. The revised due date will be emailed to Outlook (for staff) and PolyU Connect (for students).
  • General grade staff and undergraduate students can borrow 15 books for 15 days.


  •  All HKALL books can be renewed, if no user has requested the item. Any overdue fine will be recorded automatically.

Overdue Fines

  • Fines for overdue HKALL books are charged at the same rate as fines for PolyU books.

Loss and Damage

  • Borrowers shall be held responsible for any loss or damage of the HKALL books and abide by the penalty policies of the lending libraries.

Borrowing and Returning

  • Check out and return HKALL books at the Loan & Return Counter of the PolyU Library. Do NOT use the Book Drop.


You may request books which the PolyU Library does not possess or all its copies are out, but have the status "Available" in other libraries.

  • Search HKALL and select the title.
  • If copies with the status "Available" are found, click "SIGN IN" on the top right corner of the screen or under "Get It"
    Screen dump
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to sign in your library account.
  • Click "HKALL Request" under "Get It".
    Screen dump
  • Click "REQUEST" to confirm.
  • Wait for email notification.
  • For assistance, please ask at the PolyU Library Enquiry Counter or call 2766-6863.