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Award Ceremony of Virtual Reality Contest 2017/18: Stories from Ancient China
2018-08-01 09:17 | News

“Virtual Reality Contest: Stories from ancient China” was the very first VR contest organized by the Pao Yue-Kong Library and Department of Electronic and Information Engineering. A series of cultural talks and workshops equipped the students with skills to embark on VR creation. Through the competition, the students fostered deep learning about VR technology, further appreciation of stories from ancient China and also learnt to work closely with team members from different faculties.

The award ceremony was held on 18 July 2018 in the Digital Visualisation Room (i-Space, 4/F). 17 groups participated in the contest which ended in June 2018. A total of 6 teams won prizes in the contest. Congratulations to our winners!






The Story of Qu Yuan

Cheung Chun Yiu, Gary (EIE)

GoPro HERO5 Session
CUE 3D Printer

1st Runner-up

The Life of Yu Fei

Ting Chiu Ming (EIE) &
Lai Sha Sha (EIE)

INSTA 360 Air

2nd Runner-up

Mid-Autumn Festival related Chinese Mythologies

Li Zhi Yao, Yoyo (COMP)

VPai 360-Degree Video Camera Platform


Commendation Awards


Siheyuan House

YU Hin Chung, Nikko (EIE) &
LI Kwun Hung, Joe (EIE)


Laser Engraved
Bamboo slip
created @ i-Space


Haste Makes Waste

LI Shuk Wun, Sharon (SD)

Empty Fortress Stratagem

WONG Yiu Hong, Ivan h (SD)

Group Photo

The champion’s entry was also showcased at the First International Children VR Film Fest held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 27 to 31 July 2018.

Event Photo


Details about the VR contest 2018 can also be found on our webpage. Try out winning projects at the VR Experience Zone, book now at iBooking!


Special thanks to our sponsors and supporters:

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SAGE Knowledge Video (Trial)
2018-07-23 12:15 | News

SAGE Knowledge Video provides educational video across key social science disciplines. Each collection includes a breadth of video types to support research and learning needs. The following collections are opened for trial :

Expiry date: 30 Sep 2018

「品書知日本」2018徵文大獎賽 — 理大校內初選
2018-07-03 15:46 | News






  1. 徵文內容
  2. 截止時間
  3. 徵文對象
  4. 投稿方式
    1) 請通過電郵投稿,徵文稿須為word格式。
    2) 投稿接收郵箱:
    3) 投稿電郵主題請寫:《品書知日本2018》投稿
    4) 徵文稿件的檔案名格式為:姓名--學生証號碼--徵文的標題
    4) 例如:張三--17123456D--京都漫步
    5) 本次比賽進入全國決賽階段後,將採用匿名審稿機制,請確定文章內沒有出現姓名和學校資料。
  5. 稿件要求
    1) 徵文語言:中文
    2) 字數限制:1500-2000字(不符合字數要求的徵文將被篩除)
    3) 文章體裁:自由(散文、詩歌除外)
    4) 格式要求:本次比賽以「書」為主題,請在文末以章節附註形式注明所閱圖書名稱及參考文獻。
  6. 徵文聲明
    1) 參加過其他徵文活動並獲獎的作品不能參選。
    2) 獲獎作品的版權歸本活動主辦者所有,獲獎作品不能參加其他同類徵文活動。
    3) 應徵作品一律不予退稿,請參賽者自留底稿。
  7. 徵文獎勵
    1) 理大校內初選:
    2) 全國決賽評選:
  8. 徵文官網
  9. 評審結果


  1. 主辦單位: 上海交通大學圖書館、日本科學協會
  2. 理大校內初賽評審單位: 包玉剛圖書館、中文及雙語學系
A better Library for you - Summer Improvement Works
2018-06-19 17:37 | News


New quiet study areas on 4/F and 5/F

We are renovating the South Wings of Levels 4 and 5 to bring you a well-lit, modern environment in which to conduct quiet study. The new study space will be ready by early Semester 1.

Affected areas: The 4/F and 5/F South Wing reading rooms are temporarily closed, and lift access to 4/F and 5/F is available via designated elevator(s) only, until the start of Semester 1 for AY2018/19.

A new Enquiry Counter on P/F

Effective 3 July 2018, a new Enquiry Counter providing enquiry and research help services will open on P/F, next to the Loan & Return Counter.

Now you can borrow and return Library books, ask questions, and get directions  all from the same convenient location on P/F.

To help you navigate the 3/F Research Enhancement Centre (REC), we have installed:

  • A phone you can use to get assistance from our Library Staff
  • Better self-service arrangements at the computer workstations, research carrels and printers

If you are working on the 3/F, in-person help is still available at two nearby counters:

  • The 3/F Multimedia Commons Counter (North Wing)
  • The P/F Enquiry Counter (just one floor down)

Affected areas: We will no longer operate the Research Help Desk on 3/F after its relocation to P/F.

Access to all our books, even while renovations are in progress!

Books previously housed on 4/F and 5/F South Wing will be temporarily moved during renovations, but they are still available for borrowing.

If you need a book in the affected call number range (A-G, HF-K), just approach our staff at the P/F Loan & Return Counter and we will retrieve it for you.

Books will be returned to their 4/F and 5/F locations when the renovations are complete.

Affected areas: The Group Study Zone 1 & 2 on G/F are partly occupied to accommodate the displaced books. The Connect Place and Project Rooms (L019b to L019e) in the Group Study Zone 1 are also closed.

In addition, we will be undergoing the following maintenance work:

Repairs to external wall finishes of Library building

Façade. Our façade will be undergoing some repairs until 26 August 2018. This work is being overseen by our university’s Facilities Management Office.

Affected areas: The front entrance to the Library is closed for the duration of the exterior maintenance works. Scaffolding will be visible along the building façade.

During these summer improvement works, things may get a bit noisy at the Library. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause. We will do our best to shorten the duration of noisy work in order to minimize disturbance.

Please bear with us as we create a better Library for you!

Library Building Works (May – Sep 2018): Schedule and Affected Areas
2018-06-15 17:55 | News


Work Description

Work/Affected Period


South Wing of 4/F & 5/F
(L401 & L501)

Closed for renovation

18 May – 14 Sep

  • Book fetching service affected (Call no. A-G, HF-K)
  • Please approach P/F Loan & Return Counter for assistance

Passenger lifts

Lift access partly restricted

14 Jun – 14 Sep

  • Please use the designated elevator or staircase to access 4/F and 5/F

G/F Group Study Zone 1 & 2

User areas partly occupied for book storage

18 May – 14 Sep

P/F Loan & Return Counter

Minor alteration works

25-26 Jun

  • Counter setup and services will be rearranged (Details to be announced later)

3/F Research Enhancement Centre

Enclosing office area

3-4 Jul

  • Office area will be enclosed

West elevation of the Library

External wall finishes repairs

4 Jun – 26 Aug

  • Repair work overseen by the University’s Facilities Management Office

Front staircase

Rubber flooring rectification

By end of Aug

  • Part of the staircase will be temporarily closed
  • Please use back staircase during the work period

Library will try shortening the noisy work duration and minimize the disturbance. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your forbearance.

Book Exhibition - Open a Book, Expand Your Mind 開卷有益
2018-05-15 12:02 | Event

The Book Exhibition will be held on P/F of the library from 15 May to 17 Aug 2018. It features recommended titles, award winners, best sellers, and the highly circulated books. Scan the QR Code to access the e-book, or borrow the printed book at the Loan & Return Counter.

超星期刊 (Trial)
2018-04-25 14:04 | News

超星期刊目前有國内期刊6500種, 其中有1300多种核心期刊, 涵蓋内容包括理學、工學、農學、社會科學、文化、教育、哲學、醫學、經濟、管理等各學科。

Expiry date: 31 Dec 2018

China and the World Ancient and Modern Silk Road (Trial)
2018-04-23 09:15 | News

New journal published by World Scientific Publishing Company.

Expiry date: 31 Dec 2018