Library's New 6/F Opens TODAY!

2022-07-04 09:22 | Notice

We are excited to announce that the new 6/F of the Library is now open to our users! It marks the completion of a major phase of the Library Extension and Revitalisation (LER) Project that began in July 2020.

To foster a learning community for academic excellence, the new top floor of the Library building is equipped with contemporary infrastructure and modern facilities to give both students and staff a desirable environment for their study and research. Armed with fantastic views of the HK skyline and the surrounding areas, the collaborative learning space (South Wing) and the individual quiet study space (North Wing) will add around 750 seats when the space is in full swing.

For more about the LER Project, please click here.

Come and enjoy the new space for study and research now!


Upgrade of OneSearch Discovery Platform on 4 July 2022

2022-06-21 08:45 | Notice

The new version of Library Discovery Platform will go live on 4 July 2022. The new OneSearch platform retains most features and works similarly with the existing version.  This upgrade will bring enhancements and better user experience such as:

  • Clearer display of search results: To allow you to find and access various resource types easily, the new platform will merge both physical and electronic items of the same title into a single record.
  • Enhanced search function for e-journal: The “Search Inside” feature allows you to input article titles or keywords to search for relevant articles within the selected e-journal record.

There is no service disruption during this upgrade exercise.   If you experience problems in using OneSearch platform, please feel free to contact our Enquiry Counter in person, by phone at 2766-6863 or via online form.

Important note:

Backup your “Saved Searches” by 3 July 2022

The “Saved Searches” and its associated Alert and RSS feature could not be migrated. You can follow the steps below to save and export your searches by 3 July 2022.

  1. Access Saved Searches and login when prompted.
  2. Click the button “Export All to MS Excel” and save the file.
  3. After the OneSearch platform is upgraded, you can re-create your Saved Searches and Alerts from 5 July 2022.

Temporary Arrangement of Library Facilities and Collections During Renovation in 3/F & G/F

2022-06-01 09:42 | Notice
As part of the Library Extension and Revitalisation Project, the G/F North Wing and 3/F of the Library will be closed for renovation from 2 June 2022 until further notice. Please note the temporary arrangements for the affected Library facilities and collections as below:
Library Facilities Original Location Latest Location/Status Remarks
Drinking Water Dispenser     Available at 1/F, P/F, 4/F
near Staircase No. 1 & 24-Hour Study Centre
Computers and printers G/F North Wing G/F South Wing  
Group Rooms &
Group Viewing Rooms
G/F North Wing &
3/F North Wing
Temporarily suspended

Three Group Rooms at 1/F South Wing are available for reservation via iBooking.

New Group Rooms will be provided after renovation completed on G/F North Wing, 3/F North Wing, and 6/F South Wing.

Self-service Kiosk for AV equipment 3/F North Wing 4/F South Wing  
AV carrels  
Graphic computers and iMac 4/F North Wing, i-Space  
Library Studios Temporarily suspended A One-Button Studio will be set up temporarily at 1/F South Wing.
Macbook Pro Learning Lab 3 at 3/F South Wing Seminar Room 2 at 1/F South Wing  
Study carrels 3/F South Wing Temporarily suspended Alternative study carrels are provided on 4/F and 5/F.
Learning Labs Two Seminar Rooms at 1/F South Wing will open for quiet study if there are no scheduled events.
Library Collections Original Location Latest Location/Status
Book Collection L-M, N7000 - NB, ND - PL2399 G/F North Wing G/F South Wing 
Book Collection N1- N6999 6/F North Wing (Curved 3-layer bookshelves)
Back issues of newspapers G/F South Wing
Current journals
University Collection 3/F South Wing G/F South Wing (at end of compact shelves)
Reference Collection G/F South Wing 6/F South Wing: A - PD
6/F North Wing: PE - Z
AV Collection 3/F North Wing Please check here.

Please visit the project webpage for latest updates on the progress of the Library Extension and Revitalisation Project.

[LER] Construction Noise During the Library Extension & Revitalisation Project

2022-06-01 08:30 | Notice

The Library is now under renovation and noise from renovation will occur in affected areas at times and works of noise level exceeding 70dB should not be carried out after 11:30am (Mon to Sat) as far as possible. Library users can make use of the alternative quiet study areas on campus. For details, please check the Library Extension and Revitalisation (LER) Project website.

If the noise from the renovation works in the Library is causing you some discomfort, users can stop by any of our service counters to request for a pair of complimentary ear plugs.

For enquiries about the construction noise, please contact Project in charge of the Campus Development Office, Mr. John Lai at Tel.: 2766-7887 or CDO Hotline: 2766-7766, Email: