[LER] Alternative overnight study space for PolyU students and staff (1 Dec 2020 to 30 Sep 2021)

2020-12-01 18:05 | Notice

[Updated on 1 Dec 2020]

The 24-Hour Study Centre located on G/F of the Library is now closed and it will be relocated to 1/F North Wing in the summer of 2021. Alternative overnight study spaces will be available for students on campus during the transitional period:

Location: CD301, 302, 303, 304, and Communal Space

Duration: 1 Dec 2020 to 30 Sep 2021

Time: After Library closes

Do visit and bookmark the LER webpage to stay tuned for the latest update!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Closure of Group Study Rooms & Project Rooms from 24 Nov 2020

2020-11-23 13:38 | Notice

Due to the resurgence of coronavirus infections in the community, effective Tuesday 24 Nov 2020, all group study rooms and project rooms will be temporarily closed until further notice.  Do contact us for further clarification or enquiries.

All users are required to wear a mask properly at all times when they are inside the Library. Users should not move the tables and chairs so as to keep a safe social distance.

Before your visit to the Library, please refer to the Library Homepage for the latest service updates and opening hours.

Library Special Reminders During Revision & Exam Period (23 Nov - 24 Dec 2020)

2020-11-18 13:44 | Notice

Library Hours During Revision & Examination Period

23 Nov - 20 Dec:  8:30 - 22:00
21 Dec: 8:30 - 19:00
22 Dec - 23 Dec: 8:30 - 22:00
24 Dec : 8:30 - 19:00

Alternative overnight study space
The 24-hour Study Centre located on G/F is now closed but alternative overnight study space will be provided in CD301 - 304 and Communal Space. For details, please click here.

Quiet study environment
Silence must be observed in the Library. Noisy users may be asked to leave the Library.

A variety of individual study spaces
Study carrels are available on 4/F and 5/F. Research carrels (Zone A and Zone C) and study seats in Research Carrels (Zone B) on 3/F are open for booking by eligible users one day in advance via PolyU iBooking System.

Be considerate and check out facilities after use
Tap your PolyU ID Card on the check-out reader nearby to release your booked group rooms on G/F and 3/F, research carrels, and study seats in carrels on 3/F after use.

Past examination papers 
PolyU Examination Paper Database collects the examination papers received from academic departments of the university. Need Past Papers to prepare for your Exam? Try it now!

Access by JULAC Library Card holders

2020-11-12 11:04 | Notice

Access to PolyU Library for JULAC Library Card holders is temporarily suspended until further notice due to reduced seating and examination period. During this period, students and staff from other JULAC institutions can still access our books using the HKALL service. Should the COVID-19 pandemic situation allow, PolyU Library plans to resume access to JULAC card users around the latter half of December 2020. Details of resumption of access will be announced around mid-December.

Travel & Health Declaration for Graduate Library Card Holders & other Library Card Holders to access the PolyU campus

2020-11-09 10:43 | Notice

The University requires all students, staff, and visitors to complete the Travel and Health Declaration Form at the campus entrances before they are allowed entry to campus since February 2020. All valid Library Card holders (Graduate, Special Borrower, Reader, etc.) who would like to access the Library are therefore required to complete the Form upon their first-time access via the PolyU campus entrance.

As informed by the University’s Facilities Management Office, visitors may be requested to submit the declaration again from time to time. Normally, only after a Library Card is renewed or replaced, or if there are any subsequent changes in the travel and/or health status, Library Card holders will be required to submit the Travel and Health Declaration again at the campus entrance.

If you have any questions about the campus access arrangements, please contact Campus Control Centre of Facilities Management Office at 2766 7666.

Thank you for your attention.

[LER] Alternative Quiet Study Space for Library Users (3 Aug 2020 to 31 Aug 2023)

2020-08-03 09:00 | Notice

Alternative quiet study areas are now available to students and Library users on campus during the LER project!

Library Alternative Quiet Study Areas

Location: S403 and Z302
Duration: 3 Aug 2020 to 31 Aug 2023
Time: 8:30a.m to 11:30a.m. (Mon to Sat)

Students and Library users may opt to use the above alternative study areas for quiet study during the course of the construction works, while regular Library services are maintained throughout the project.

Do visit and bookmark the LER webpage to stay tuned for the latest update!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

[LER] Kick-off of Library Extension and Revitalisation Project & Suspension of 4/F and 5/F Toilets at Back Staircases (late Jul - late Nov 2020)

2020-07-28 09:00 | Notice
The Library Extension and Revitalisation (LER) Project will kick start by renovating the toilets at the back staircases on all floors. To improve and upgrade the toilet facilities, the 5/F Female Student Toilet and 4/F Male Student Toilet will be temporarily closed for renovation from late Jul to end of Nov 2020. During this period, Library users may use the toilets at front staircases as follows: 


Front Staircases of the Library: G/F 1/F P/F 3/F 4/F 5/F
Female Student Toilet  
Male Student Toilet    
Accessible Toilet          

Visit and bookmark this webpage for the latest news on LER Project!

The renovation works will involve some noise and disruption. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding. 

Library Reopens All Floors on 7 Sep 2020

2020-09-03 09:53 | Notice

[Updated on 12 Nov 2020]

From 7 Sep 2020, the Library will reopen all floors to PolyU students, staff, Graduate and Special Borrower Library Card holders. Access to PolyU Library for JULAC Library Card holders is temporarily suspended until further notice. 
Opening hours effective 7 Sep 2020 until 22 Nov 2020  
Mondays to Saturdays: 8:30 am to 10 pm 
Sundays:12:00 noon to 9 pm 
Public Holidays:
See General Holiday Hours 

After the Library reopens, i-Booking for computers, designated database workstations and  i-Space facilities will resume for eligible users. (Two Bloomberg workstations currently on P/F will be relocated back to 4/F i-Space) 
The 24-Hour Study Centre (G/F) will remain closed until further notice, while the following areas and facilities have reopened to users starting from 19 Oct 2020: 

  • Group rooms (G/F and 3/F) 
  • Group study booths in i-Space (4/F North Wing) 
  • Learning Lab 1 and 2 (3/F South Wing) 

Do also take note of renovation works taking place in the Library during this period.  

All users are required to wear a mask properly when in the Library. Please do not move the tables and chairs around so as to keep a safe social distance 

Renewal and new application for Graduate Library Cards will resume on 7 Sep 2020.  

Valid Library Card holders are required to sign the University’s health declaration upon their first-time access via the PolyU campus turnstiles. After a Library Card is renewed or replaced, the Card Holder will be required to sign the health declaration again. 

Graduate and Special Borrower Card holders
The Library has already extended the validity of Graduate and Special Borrower Library Cards for 48 days from their original expiry dates (on or after 21 Jul 2020) because of the inaccessible period between 21 Jul and 6 Sep 2020.

For items whose due date falls within the inaccessible period between 21 Jul and 6 Sep 2020, please return them on or before 21 Sep 2020 otherwise fines will be incurred. Library items can be returned via the Library’s 24-hour Book Drop located outside the campus turnstiles on Podium Level (near public footbridge towards Exit A Hung Hom MTR Station) when the Library is closed.

Before visiting the Library, please check the Library Homepage for the latest service updates and opening hours.  


Please contact us via the following channels: