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China and the Modern World : Hong Kong Britain and China, 1841-1951 (Trial)

2021-02-23 13:10 | News

A collection of British government documents on colonial Hong Kong digitized from the British Colonial Office.

Expiry date = 31 March 2021

尚儀近代華文書籍暨圖像資料庫 (Trial)

2021-02-18 08:38 | News


Expiry date: 31 March 2021

iG Library (Trial)

2021-02-16 14:33 | News

Ebooks from various publishers on iG Publishing platform.

Notes : Trial includes sample ebooks from the following publishers only :

              Business Expert Press
              Kogan Page
              Packt Publishing
              Princeton University Press

Expiry date: 31 Mar 2021

中國電子書庫 (Trial)

2021-02-09 11:32 | News

A platform of ebooks published in China from multi-disciplines.

Note : Click the “Book” icon to access 100 sample books on trial

Expiry date: 2 March 2021

Clarity English - Road to IELTS (5 concurrent users) (Trial)

2021-02-09 08:42 | News

Road to IELTS helps learners of English with Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The program helps IELTS candidates with every aspect of test preparation from understanding the tasks in the Reading paper, to dealing with nerves in the Speaking test — skills which are useful for all Intermediate-level learners of English.

READ@PolyU Workshop: Strategies for Expanding Your English Vocabulary

2021-02-09 08:38 | News

Writing Contest 2020

“While without grammar very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed.” – D. Wilkins, Linguistics in Language Teaching

Vocabulary is fundamental to reading and writing fluency, but how do we expand our vocabulary? In this online workshop, Dr. Phoebe Lin will share some research-based facts, figures, and tips about vocabulary learning, as well as Library and online resources, so that we can be smarter at managing our own vocabulary-building activities.

It will cover:

How many words do we need to know to function properly in English?
Tools for measuring our vocabulary size
How to find the right books to read and videos/movies to watch
Excellent apps & Library resources for self-directed vocabulary learning

Target participants: All PolyU students and staff

Date: 3 March 2021 (Wednesday)
Time: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Speaker:Dr Phoebe Lin
Online Talk via Zoom

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About the Speaker:

Dr. Phoebe Lin is Assistant Professor at the Department of English, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her research investigates aspects of vocabulary learning using a range of methods, including controlled experiments, text analysis, and statistical modelling. Phoebe is developing intelligent apps that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of vocabulary building. Her latest project is IdiomsTube (, which guides users to learn English vocabulary through YouTube videos. The app is openly and freely available online.

The event is co-organized by the Pao Yue-kong Library, Research Centre for Professional Communication in English (RCPCE) and Department of English, PolyU.

文泉學堂 (Trial)

2021-02-08 16:16 | News


Expiry date: 30 April 2021

China and the Modern World : Missionary, Sinology, and Literary Periodicals 1817-1949 (Trial)

2021-02-08 16:06 | News

A collection of 17 English-language periodicals published in or about China from1817 until the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

Expiry date: 15 March 2021

[Deadline Extended] Recommend Useful Online Learning Resources and Get a $100 Book Coupon!

2021-02-08 14:45 | News

In a bid to facilitate broader adoption and adaptation of open educational materials, the Library has commenced  Open Educational Resource, Recommendation, & Reflection Survey 2021 to collect PolyU-subjects relevant online learning resources.

Have you used or even developed useful learning resources in the past semester that helped you master new topics? Please take a few minutes to share your testimonials on using these resources with the PolyU community and get a chance to receive a HKD$100 book coupon! Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your resources via PolyU OER Portal

Period of the survey: 8 February - 5 March 2021

  Start the Survey  (for PolyU students and staff only)

Limited quota. Act now!

We look forward to your response. For any enquiries, please email to

Net Languages (Trial)

2021-02-05 08:23 | News

A wide variety of written and spoken texts and focus on features like style and discourse, rather than just focusing on sentences in isolation. You learn language associated with each topic and have the opportunity to use what you learn in a meaningful and natural way.

  • English for Work
  • IELTS Writing Practice
  • IELTS Speaking Practice

Expiry date: 14 Feb 2021