Library Homepage Revamp

In December 2014, the PolyU Library launched a new homepage with responsive web feature optimized for viewing in desktops, tablets and mobile phones, which was the first-of-its-kind among University Libraries in Hong Kong. The real-time status of key facilities is also made available on the main page to facilitate quick browsing and reservation. To ease navigation through the search results, a "bento-box" style display is implemented for OneSearch which groups dynamic search results by major resource types.

The homepage redesigning project started in early January 2014, with a consultation to solicit comment from PolyU targeted users, including student bodies and faculty members. Their suggestions were integrated into the latest designs.

To strive for improvement, the Library highly encourages you to explore the website and let us know what you think by sending us the comment via contact us. Modest modifications will continue as feedback is gathered.


The PolyU Library website has received the following awards:

  1. Best in Class Award in the IMA (Interactive Media Award) - 'University' category 2015; and
  2. Triple Gold Award in the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2020/21 (organised by Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited and co-organised by the Office of Government Chief Information Officer). 

The IMA (International Media Award) is an international awards competition aiming to raise the standard of excellence in website design and development. All submitted website entries are evaluated using five specific criteria, namely Design, Content, Feature Functionality, Usability, and Standard Compliance. The Best of Class Award is the highest honour given to websites through evaluation by leading web-related professionals.  The PolyU Library website has an overall score of 488 out of 500.

Web Accessibility is to ensure that the website contents are available for everyone, including persons with disabilities. The website fulfilled 24 judging criteria set for web accessibility features and achieved Gold Award in three consecutive Scheme years.