Services suspension, databases maintenance, facilities closed and etc.

Temporary Arrangement of Library Facilities and Collections During Renovation in 3/F & G/F

As part of the Library Extension and Revitalisation Project, the G/F North Wing and 3/F of the Library will be closed for renovation from 2 June 2022 until further notice. Please note the temporary arrangements for the affected Library facilities and collections as below:
Library Facilities Original Location

[LER] Construction Noise During the Library Extension & Revitalisation Project

The Library is now under renovation and noise from renovation will occur in affected areas at times and works of noise level exceeding 70dB should not be carried out after 11:30am (Mon to Sat) as far as possible. Library users can make use of the alternative quiet study areas on campus. For details, please check the Library Extension and Revitalisation (LER) Project website.

24-Hour Study Centre Resumes Overnight Access Effective 11 April 2022

With the commencement of the Library’s revision and examination period, the 24-Hour Study Centre located at 1/F North Wing will open around the clock with effect from 11 April 2022. During the overnight access period, users are required to access the Centre via the 1/F entrance opposite to the Campus Control Centre (P111) and tap their PolyU student / staff ID cards when entering and leaving the Centre. Please click here for the details.