Limited Access Arrangement for Student JULAC Cardholders during Revision & Examination Period

In view of the very high demand for study space during examination period, the Library will implement the Limited Access Arrangement for JULAC Borrower/Reader Card Holders (for students only) during the Revision and Examination Period where access to the PolyU Library by students of other UGC institutions will be limited to non-peak hours of the day only.

Limited Access Arrangement

Affected users and duration.
Affected Users Period NON-accessible Time Accessible Time
JULAC Borrower/Reader Card Holders
(students only)
23 Apr – 7 May 2019 08:30 - 18:00 18:01 - 23:00

Affected users are reminded of the followings for borrowing, returning or collecting requested items of our Library during the above period:

  • Instead of borrowing books in person, you may use HKALL borrowing services or interlibrary loan services of your home library.
  • To return books, you can make use of the JULAC Book Return Service by returning them to your home library on and before due date.
  • You may also return books by dropping them into our Library Bookdrop located outside the Library.
  • For Reserve books, please return them to our Library Loan & Return Counter during the accessible time.
  • For audiovisual materials, please return them to our Library Multimedia Commons Counter during the accessible time.
  • To collect requested items, please arrange to pick them up in our Library during the accessible time.
  • If your schedule only allows you to come during the non-accessible time for returning/collecting the Library materials, please call the Loan & Return Counter at 2766-6864 or Multimedia Commons Counter at 2766-6870 for special arrangement.

Normal access will resume after the Limited Access Period stated above.  All users can access the Library any time during its opening hours by then.  We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.  For enquiries, please contact us by email at or by phone at 2766-6864.