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A Book Chat Group is a small group of students assigned to a volunteer Staff Facilitator that meets three times throughout September to discuss their responses to the common book. All PolyU students are welcome to join a group.

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Why join a Book Chat Group?

  • Meet up with a small group of students from different backgrounds.
  • Share your responses to reading in a relaxed, informal setting under the guidance of a Staff Facilitator.
  • Get a free copy of the common book. All print copies will be distributed in Week 1-2. Alternatively, read the e-book version here.

When do we meet?

  • Once a week in Week 3 to 5

Who can join?

  • All PolyU students (except HKCC, SPEED or non-PolyU degree students)

What happens in the group?

  • Explore your responses to reading
  • Meet interesting new people
  • Have fun