IL Online Courseware for Students

Design of a shared interactive multimedia information literacy courseware (MOOC)

This UGC T&L Project on Information Literacy plans to use a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform as a repository for its interactive multimedia information literacy courseware. The courseware will be designed to address the specific educational needs of local university students. The project team will construct story board in modular structure, with content aligned to the IL theoretical framework and the learning needs identified in the findings from the assessment of the IL educational needs and RRSA-HK. True-to-life situations that learners face every day and real problems with real consequences based on realistic and local case of the information behavior study will be included. The MOOC platform will follow a modular approach, chunking of contents into small units (learning objects or events) and scaffolding strategies will be employed for embedding IL effectively into different institutions programs and curricula.

While librarians of the participating institutions will be providing the intellectual content and driving the development of the storyboard, instructional courseware designers with professional technical expertise will be contracted to ensure interactivity, flexibility, personalization and student engagement. This IL MOOC will employed various interactive elements, such as videos, animations, games, online discussion forum, real time chat etc.

To gather specific and in-depth feedback, students from the eight participating institutions will be invited to participate in usability tests throughout the courseware development. Pilot run of the courseware will be conducted with a few selected teaching programmes before its official launch. For the usability study, student participants will be invited to use the courseware individually for unobtrusive observation to test screen design, navigation and comprehension. Informative data will be collected to better understand how users interact with the courseware, providing supplementary information to standard usability testing. The IL MOOC will be tested to ensure error free in the operation across all platforms and browser.

Learning objects of the interactive multimedia IL courseware, built on a flexible, scalable and modular architecture, will be platform and device neutral ,and can be embedded readily into learning management systems, various teaching programmes and other learning experiences
To facilitate embedment of the courseware or its elements into teaching programmes, each learning object will be Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliant to ensure its accessibility,
reusability and interoperability on third party Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). A platform for modification of individual learning objects will be in place for
future adaption and an export function will be made available for teaching staff to export individual modular components and digital learning objects into their courses

To achieve a substantial integration and embedment of IL into the university curricula, the shared IL courseware will be implemented with the following approaches:

  • Faculty or subject librarians working closely with respective programme coordinators and individual teaching staff will facilitate the embedment of the courseware and its elements into individual teaching programmes, as well as existing IL initiatives already undertaken by the participating libraries.
  • Certificate programme on the courseware through blended learning: In addition to embedding into credit bearing programmes, participating libraries will, where practicable, provide a certificate IL programme requiring students to complete the IL courseware and attend a designated number of face-to-face classes on the courseware. 

Implementation Timetable for MOOC, the shared interactive multimedia IL courseware

MOOC Core team: Johnny Yuen (PolyU), Carol Ma (PolyU)


  • To develop a shared interactive multimedia IL courseware
Date Task Responsible Team(s)



Design the content of the courseware

MOOC Core team

Aug 2016-

Dec 2017
Construct storyboard. 
Define modules and cases. 
Determine target length, rendering platforms, overall style, visual and audio FX, animation, and other interactive elements.
MOOC Core team & task team from each JULAC library

Feb 2018

IL MOOC official launch  

Last update: 5 Feb 2018