Course Enhancement Funds

To further develop strong librarian partnerships with faculty members to enhance IL teaching and learning in subject-related course contexts, in particular, for those parts of the curriculum with strong research components, the project will offer 40 Course Enhancement Funds for teaching staff of participating institutions who are interested to work with librarians in developing new IL content, or to modify existing research assignments and assessments. Interested UG and PG course instructors are welcome to discuss with the librarians or submit application to their own institution library. Successful applicants are invited to participate a symposium to share the faculty-librarian partnerships established through Course Enhancement Funds.

Implementation Timetable for Course Enhancement Fund

Core team: Johnny Yuen (PolyU), Carol Ma (PolyU)

Goal:To develop librarian partnerships with faculty memebers to enhance IL teaching and learning in subject-related course context, in particular, for those parts of curriculum with strong research components.

Date Task Responsible Team(s)
Oct 2015 Partner with teaching staff to embed information literacy (IL), the shared interactive multimedia courseware and its elements into teaching programmes or other learning. Core team and task team from each JULAC library


Successful Applications

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Dr. Anson Wong, School of Accounting and Finance; Dr. Derek Yim, School of Accounting and Finance; Mr. William Ho, Library (team entry)
Dr. Edmond W.M. Lam, Department of Building and Real Estate
Dr. Yu-Yin Hsu, Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies
Prof. Winnie Yu, Institute of Textiles and Clothing
Dr. Peter Chuah, School of Design
City University of Hong Kong
Dr. Carolin Fuchs, Department of English
Dr. Kimburley Choi, School of Creative Media
Dr. Sun Hongyi, Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management
Dr. Valerie Yap, Department of Asian and International Studies
Ms. Sara Tsui, School of Law
Hong Kong Baptist University
Dr. Christy Cheung, School of Business - Department of Finance and Decision Science
Dr. Patrick Yue, Faculty of Science - Department of Biology
Dr. Angela Mak, School of Communication - Department of Communication Studies
Dr. Simon Wang, Faculty of Arts - Language Centre
Ms. Robin Ewing, School of Communication - Department of Journalism
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Dr. Emily M. W. Tsang, Department of Chemistry
Prof. Sun Fei, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Prof. Melody M. Chao, Department of Management
Prof. Daisy Yan Du, Division of Humanities
Prof. LU Mengqian & Prof. BLANCKAERT Koen Jacques Ferdinand, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Lingnan University
Prof. Winnie P. H. Poon,Department of Finance and Insurance
Prof. Andrea Sauchelli, Department of Philosophy
Prof. Agnes M. Kang, Department of English
Prof. Ip Iam Chong, Department of Cultural Studies
Prof. Annie H. N. Chan, Faculty of Social Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Prof. Chow Ka Ming, The Nethersole School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine
Prof. Liang Hai, School of Journalism and Communication
Prof. Zheng Jie Jane, Research Centre for Contemporary Chinese Culture, Institute of Chinese Studies
Dr. Jenny Tian, School of Hotel & Tourism Management
Dr. Sandy Hoi, The Office of University General Education
The Education University of Hong Kong
Ms. Catherine Cheng, Department of Early Childhood Education
Ms. Leung Ka Wai, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. Ma Kin Hang, Department of Social Sciences
Dr. Hayes Tang, Department of Education Policy and Leadership
Dr. Klavier Wang, The Academy of Hong Kong Studies
Dr. Xie Haoran, Department of Mathematics and Information Technology
Dr. Yang Lan, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
*EdUHK Library provides top-up funding for two extra awardees
The University of Hong Kong
Professor Chan Hing-yan, Department of Music
Professor Ricky Kwok, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Dr. S. L. Beh and Dr. Wincy S. C. Chan, Department of Pathology (team entry)
Dr. Paul W. C. Wong, Department of Social Work and Social Administration
Mr. M. R. Pryor, Division of Landscape Architecture

Last update: 24 July 2018