Library Introduces More Self-check Services

The Library will implement the following arrangements to streamline the overall loan and return services and enhance user experience:
  • New Self-Service Kiosk on 3/F for Digital Equipment
    The Library has set up a new self-service kiosk for digital equipment in the Multimedia Commons on 3/F. PolyU/CPCE students and staff can check out/in AV accessories such as headphones and drawing tablets there. Please visit here for more details.
  • Relocation of Self-checkout station from 3/F to P/F
    With effect from 4 January 2021, users can borrow and return both books and audio-visual (AV) items at the Loan and Return Counter on Library Podium Floor. The Multimedia Commons Counter on 3/F will close on the said date accordingly. Users can still access the AV collections in their existing locations in Multimedia Commons on 3/F.  To enable users to conveniently check out AV items and books before they leave the Library, a self-checkout station will be relocated from Multimedia Commons (3/F) to Podium Floor.
Please contact the respective Counter or Desk:
  • Loan and Return Counter at 2766-6864 for Loan and return services on books/AV collections
  • Technical Support Desk at 2766-6909 for AV services including AV facilities, Group Viewing Rooms and Studios
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