e-Resources on Trial

Thank you for your interest in the e-resource trial. We appreciate your feedback, and will take into consideration in the decision-making process on the acquisition of the trial resource. Please take a moment to fill in a survey of specific trial resource.

Please note all e-resource trials can only be accessed on campus.

Title Expire date
BMJ Best Practice      [ survey ]

This online resource provides evidence based research, guidelines and expert opinion in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in clinical situation.

31 Dec 2017
Dynamed Plus      [ survey ]

This resource from EBSCOHealth  is a clinical reference tool that physicians go to for answers to clinical questions with contents written by physicians and researchers who synthesize the evidence and provide objective analysis. 

31 Oct 2017

This collection from JoVE Science Education is a video guide for appropriate lab animal care and use.

01 Nov 2017
Lab Safety      [ survey ]

This collection from JoVE Science Education provides safety guidelines to be followed when working with hazardous materials and equipment. It covers universal topics such as PPE, electrical safety, and general emergency guidelines, as well as some specific safety procedures for chemistry and biology laboratories.

01 Nov 2017

Oxford Bibliographies in Linguistics is an online bibliography with links to resources in linguistics and related disciplines of neuroscience, cognitive science for the study of language. It also provides expert summaries in these fields.

12 Nov 2017

This resource provides peer reviewed and regularly updated overview articles in the field of linguistics and other related subject disciplines.

31 Dec 2017
超星期刊      [ survey ]

超星期刊目前有國内期刊 6500 種, 其中有 1300 多種核心期刊, 涵蓋内容包括理學、工學、農學、社會科學、文化、教育、哲學、醫學、經濟、管理等各學科。

31 Dec 2017