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Thank you for your interest in the e-resource trial. We appreciate your feedback, and will take into consideration in the decision-making process on the acquisition of the trial resource. Please take a moment to fill in a survey of specific trial resource.

Please note all e-resource trials can only be accessed on campus.

Title Expiry date
DynaMed      [ survey ]

DynaMed is a clinical decision support point-of-care reference tool.  It combines current clinical evidence with guidance from experts.


31 May 2024

An interactive online course by IEEE which enables professional engineers and technical professionals whose first language is not English to improve their language skills in a way that fits the needs and priorities of working adults in the engineering fields.

24 Apr 2024

The archive of The Economist covering global content on business, scientific, technological, cultural developments and issues.

31 May 2024
UpToDate      [ survey ]

UpToDate is an evidence-based clinical decision support resource which provides the latest medical information across 25 specialties. It covers over 11,800 medical topics to provide answers to clinical questions and assists point-of-care decision making. It also contains patient education, clinical calculators, drug information, and a drug interactions tool (powered by Lexicomp®).

Remark: To access the database, you will need to register an individual account on the platform.

11 May 2024

Expiry date: 8 May 2024

08 May 2024


Remark: 試用期間,每天下載額度100篇

12 Jun 2024



30 Apr 2024


31 May 2024


Remark: 試用期間,每天列印額度100 頁

31 May 2024


31 May 2024
清代史料文獻      [ survey ]


Remark: 試用期間,每天列印額度100 頁

31 May 2024


Remark: 試用期間,每天列印額度100 頁

31 May 2024


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30 Apr 2024