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Thank you for your interest in the e-resource trial. We appreciate your feedback, and will take into consideration in the decision-making process on the acquisition of the trial resource. Please take a moment to fill in a survey of specific trial resource.

Please note all e-resource trials can only be accessed on campus.

Title Expire date

Series of scientific experiments and video demonstrations from laboratories around the globe published by Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE).  It covers a range of STEM subjects.

30 Jun 2020
STATdx      [ survey ]

STATdx is a point-of-care diagnostic decision support resource for radiologists. It covers expert-written diagnosis, images, anatomy modules, patient cases and procedures, etc.

07 May 2020

A full-text database supporting the study of the Belt and Road Initiative. It provides scholarly journals from various countries covering business trends, infrastructure, research collaboration and trade opportunities related to the initiative.

30 Jun 2020
中央日報      [ survey ]

中央日報 (1928-2006) 於1928年2月創刊於上海,至1949年遷到台灣出版。該報為國民黨政府在大陸時 (1928-194) 之代表性喉舌, 是研究中國大陸社會史和政治史,以及台灣社會政治史的中文報紙資料。

30 Jun 2020


20 May 2020