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Thank you for your interest in the e-resource trial. We appreciate your feedback, and will take into consideration in the decision-making process on the acquisition of the trial resource. Please take a moment to fill in a survey of specific trial resource.

Please note all e-resource trials can only be accessed on campus.

Title Expire date
BMJ Best Practice      [ survey ]

This online resource provides evidence based research, guidelines and expert opinion in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in clinical situation.

31 Dec 2017

An archive of 20th Century news from around the world outside USA covering transcripts of foreign broadcasts and news. An online news archive resource for international studies, political science and world history.

14 Jul 2017

This collection focuses on the technological and scientific development works published in communist countries, and the effect of those developments today. More than 50% of the collection includes published works from China on military, agriculture, pollution, nuclear weapons, etc.

14 Jul 2017
Regs4ships      [ survey ]

Regs4ships is a database containing maritime literature, including publications and regulations from IMO, Hong Kong Flag State and other authorities in the maritime industry e.g. European Union, International Labour Organisation, World Health Organisation, etc.

30 Jun 2017

This resource currently provides about 1,700 global cases in the real business world with teaching notes.

31 Jul 2017
商業周刊      [ survey ]

Expiry date: 30 June 2017

30 Jun 2017