Hong Kong Digital Maps

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On-campus Access Rights : P - PolyU Staff/Students only
Off-campus Access Rights : P - PolyU Staff/Students only
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Note: The maps listed below are also accessible through the Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 site freely as of April 13, 2021.

The Hong Kong Digital Maps are provided by the Survey & Mapping Office of Lands Department, as of April 2014. Our subscription covers:

  • Digital Topographic Map - B1000, B5000, B20000 (DWG Images & Supporting Files)
  • Digital Land Boundary Map - C1000 (DWG Images & Supporting Files)
  • GeoCommunity Database - GeoCom (Microsoft Access databases)
  • Geo-Reference Database: Building Name and Address - BG1000, SG1000 (ASCII text)
  • 3D Spatial Data - 3D-BIT00 Series

More sample datasets can be downloaded via Lands Department - Digitial Maps website.

To comply with the Lands Department's restriction, these datasets are available to users for online access within the Library or on campus only. To view the DWG images, a DWG-compatible browser is required, e.g. AutoCAD, DWG TrueView, etc.

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