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On-campus Access Rights : P - PolyU Staff/Students only
Off-campus Access Rights : P - PolyU Staff/Students only
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GeoCommunity Database (GeoCom) is a set of geo-coded community information embedded with spatial reference in textual database format. It contains a collection of location points of interest in the community, such as school, clinic, library, sports ground, convenient store, railway station access, etc, with comprehensive address information, contact details and other related service information. More than 30000 records of community information have been collected and geo-coded. They are grouped under eight categories including Education, Recreation, Medical, Public Services / Facilities, Community Facilities, Religion, Transportation and Tourism.

To comply with the Lands Department's restriction, the database is available to users for online access within the Library or on campus only.

Important Notes:

  • Users should not use Virtual Private Network (VPN) service when accessing e-resources from off campus. This may trigger suspension of user's account.
  • For security reason, you are advised to change NetPassword regularly via IdPortal and follow the password rules. Please visit the ITS website for details.