Publish Open Access Articles in Cambridge University Press Journals

Plan to submit your next paper to a journal by Cambridge University Press (CUP)? Or are you looking to publish your next article in Open Access?

Now you can publish your work in CUP journals in Open Access without paying for the Article Processing Charge (APC)!


The Library has signed a Read & Publish agreement with CUP, under which PolyU researchers can publish in their journals with APC fully waived during the period 2021-2023. Join this briefing session to learn how to submit your work to a CUP journal and get the APC waived.

The following topics will be included:

  • Open Access in PolyU and Open Access Publishing
  • Open Access Publishing with CUP: Author publishing workflow
  • How to find a journal which matches your manuscript
  • How to transact your APC waiver
  • Other support after the paper is published

Date : 3 Mar 2021 (Wed)
Time : 3:00 - 4:00pm
Venue : Zoom
Ms Caz Kerbyson (Training and Systems Support Manager, Cambridge University Press)
Ms Aster Zhao (Research Support Librarian, PolyU Library)

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About the Speaker:

Caz Kerbyson is the Training and Systems Support Manager at Cambridge University Press. She is responsible for ensuring the authors and customers of Cambridge feel confident when publishing their work in CUP journals.

Aster Zhao is a Research Support Librarian from PolyU Library. She also serves as the Faculty Librarian for Construction & Environment faculty and currently the interim Faculty Librarian for Engineering faculty. Her main responsibility includes providing research and publishing support services and user education to the university community.

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