Travel & Health Declaration for Graduate Library Card Holders & other Library Card Holders to access the PolyU campus

The University requires all students, staff, and visitors to complete the Travel and Health Declaration Form at the campus entrances before they are allowed entry to campus since February 2020. All valid Library Card holders (Graduate, Special Borrower, Reader, etc.) who would like to access the Library are therefore required to complete the Form upon their first-time access via the PolyU campus entrance.

As informed by the University’s Facilities Management Office, visitors may be requested to submit the declaration again from time to time. Normally, only after a Library Card is renewed or replaced, or if there are any subsequent changes in the travel and/or health status, Library Card holders will be required to submit the Travel and Health Declaration again at the campus entrance.

If you have any questions about the campus access arrangements, please contact Campus Control Centre of Facilities Management Office at 2766 7666.

Thank you for your attention.

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