Temporary Closure of 24-hour Study Centre on 30 Mar, 6 Apr & 13 Apr 2019

Due to the enhancement work for air ventilation, air-conditioning system will be suspended after Library closed on 30 Mar, 6 Apr and 13 Apr. 24-hour Study Centre (L001) and Quiet Study Zone (L003) will be temporarily closed as scheduled below:

Date & Time Reserved classrooms during the affected period
30 Mar (11:00pm) – 31 Mar (12:00nn) P303, P304 and P307
6 Apr (11:00pm) – 7 Apr (12:00nn) P303-P307
13 Apr (11:00pm) – 14 Apr (8:30am) P303-P307

Please go to the reserved classrooms during the affected period.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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