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Due to user violation of copyright, the supplier has suspended access to standards via the Techstreet Enterprise platform until further notice.

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Techstreet Enterprise - ASHRAE collection provides full access to technical standards and guidelines, books, conferences, journal and other technical reports published by ASHRAE (The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers). 

Our current subscription to Techstreet Enterprise platform also includes CIE standards and UL standards. Note that personal user features (e.g. search history, updates) are not available in our subscription.


How to open the PDF document:

The PDF documents downloaded from the platform are protected files and cannot be directly opened in Adobe Acrobat reader or browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox). Steps to open these PDF documents are:

  1. Install FileOpen plug-in in your device (PC, Mac, iOS, Android). You only need to install once per device.
  2. Locate the downloaded PDF document in your local folder. Double-click on the PDF document to open it in Adobe Acrobat reader. Please DO NOT open it in a browser. 

Check FAQs here to learn more details.


Important Notes:

  • Users should not use Virtual Private Network (VPN) service when accessing e-resources from off campus. This may trigger suspension of user's account.
  • For security reason, you are advised to change NetPassword regularly via IdPortal and follow the password rules. Please visit the ITS website for details.