Shipping Intelligence Network

Available at : Online Access
Off-campus Access Rights : P - PolyU staff & students only
On-campus Access Rights : P - PolyU staff & students only
Coverage : individual title varies
Terms and Conditions

Shipping Intelligence Network (SIN) offers online access to shipping information including the Shipping Intelligence Weekly, Dry Bulk Trade Outlook, Oil and Tanker Trade Outlook, Container Intelligence Monthly, World Shipyard Monitor, World Shipyard Orderbook, World Shiptype Orderbook as well as Shipping Review and Outlook.

For new users:

Upon your first login to the database, you will be required to validate your institution on the "Register - Additional Details" page. Then, by agreeing to the "Terms and Conditions of Use," you will be able to access the Shipping Intelligence Network landing page.



Important Notes:

  • Users should not use Virtual Private Network (VPN) service when accessing e-resources from off campus. This may trigger suspension of user's account.
  • For security reason, you are advised to change NetPassword regularly via IdPortal and follow the password rules. Please visit the ITS website for details.