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LawinfoChina(北大法律英文网), formerly 北大法寶 (, is a comprehensive bilingual database of law in the Mainland. It consists of:

  1. All the laws adopted by the National People's Congress (NPC) and NPC Standing Committee from 1949 up to the present;
  2. All the administrative regulations promulgated by the State Council from 1949 up to the present;
  3. Ministerial rules promulgated or approved by the departments under the State Council and independent agencies such as the China Securities Regulatory Commission, etc.;
  4. Important judicial interpretations that substantially influence legal practices, and indeed recognized as an indispensable part of original laws and regulations;
  5. Important local regulations and local rules that have a bearing on foreign-related activities or high-tech industry and economic development of the local places.

The database of Chinese judicial cases contains English-Chinese bilingual judicial cases, the Chinese original of which have been published in the Gazette of the Supreme People's Court and court decisions of the people's courts selected by the Supreme People's Court. The cases fall into six legal areas: civil law, criminal law, economic law, maritime law, and intellectual property law. Each case in this database is an editorial-enhanced document that consists of background, facts, involved parties, trial court and appellate court, reasoning and law application as well as court decision.

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