JoVE Science Education. Advanced Biology

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This video collection of JoVE provides videos that demonstrate key concepts and fundamental techniques in Advanced Biology. 

Subjects covered:
Neuroscience Provides an introduction to the field of neuroscience, exploring five major branches of study: neurophysiology; neuroanatomy; cell and molecular neuroscience; behavioral neuroscience; and developmental neuroscience.
Developmental Biology Introduces the field of developmental biology and cover five areas: developmental genetics; molecular developmental biology; stem cell biology; organogenesis; and aging and regeneration.
Genetics Focuses on genetics and incorporates five broad subdisciplines: the genetics of individuals and populations; genetics and disease; gene expression; epigenetics; and genetic engineering.
Cell Biology Provides a glimpse into the field of cell biology and profiles five important cellular phenomena: cell division; motility; endocytosis and exocytosis; metabolism; and cell death.
Immunology Covers many staple techniques of immunology labs, including the labeling and sorting of immune cells. It also demonstrates proliferation methods for immune cells and antibodies, as well as common assays for immune activity including ELISA. Finally, it demonstrates staining and imaging of immune tissue and cell samples.
Microbiology Demonstrates the key tools of microbiological investigation, including proper sterile technique and plating, how to use selective media and enrich samples, and culturing methods for mixed or pure samples. Additionally, it looks at common methods for identifying microbial isolates, as well as procedures for the genetic manipulation of bacteria.

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