Available at : Online Access
Off-campus Access Rights : P - PolyU Staff/Students only
On-campus Access Rights : P - PolyU Staff/Students only
Terms and Conditions

DataCamp is an online learning platform for data science. It provides a wide range of data training courses, projects and assessments with different technologies, including Python, R, SQL, and spreadsheets. 

For new users:

Please note that users must register in order to access the database. Please follow the steps below for registration:

  1. Access DataCamp via the link above
  2. Login with your PolyU NetID & NetPassword.
  3. Click the "Registration" button. 
  4. Then you should be able to log in and use the database. Please use your student email of [StudentID] or staff email of [NetID] to sign in. Please DO NOT use your email alias to sign in.

Important Notes:

  • Users should not use Virtual Private Network (VPN) service when accessing e-resources from off campus. This may trigger suspension of user's account.
  • For security reason, you are advised to change NetPassword regularly via IdPortal and follow the password rules. Please visit the ITS website for details.